Computer AUP

Each pupil and staff member must sign that they have read and agree to the Aberdeen city Council (Education) Acceptable Computer & Internet Use Policy (AUP).
The AUP for pupils can be seen below. Please read and discuss this with your child before signing the Agreement Form.

An Agreement Form can be downloaded from here.

Acceptable Computer & Internet Use Policy (AUP)

While using ICT resources, computers or the Internet in Aberdeen City Schools:-

1. I will only use the computer for educational activities and will not attempt to access chat rooms or Instant Messaging services.
2. I will not use bad language in any messages I send or attempt to bully or harass anyone.
3. I will not try to visit sites which might have material which others might find offensive—pornography, racist, violent or similar sites.
4. I will inform staff if I find any inappropriate material on a computer I am using.
5. I will not reveal the personal address, phone number or password of others, or myself nor use another’s password.
6. I will not use any computer in such a way that would disrupt the computer use of others, nor interfere with any computer security measures the school may have in place.
7. I will not attempt to access files belonging to others.
8. I will respect copyright and not use anything I download without the approval of a member of staff.
9. I will only upload, download or copy files with the permission of a member of staff.
10. I am aware that monitoring and random checks are made on all computer use and email messages sent and received

All rules relating to computer use apply to all ICT resources, computer networks and stand-alone computers in the school.

These rules also apply to all information sent electronically within the school, including text messages and pictures sent by mobile phones.

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