First Minister’s Reading Challenge

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our school has signed up to take part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, an exciting new reading initiative for children in Primary 1-7, delivered by Scottish Book Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Your child may have a Reading Passport to keep track of their reading journey during the Challenge. There is space for them to fill in their thoughts about a book when they record it in their passport; this could be a few sentences, a picture or they can simply leave it blank and colour in a number of stars to show how much they enjoyed it. They will have the opportunity to create their own reading challenges, as well as taking part with the wider school. You will find information about how you can support your child on the Reading Challenge website,

What can we do at home?

Encouraging a love of reading is really important for children, so have a look at the hints and tips on the Reading Challenge website. Little things you can do to support your child include:
• Signing up and visiting the library together
• Discussing your favourite books
• Making time for quiet reading
Scottish Book Trust have also put together some book recommendations to help children start their reading journey. You can search through these together on the website where there are over 300 titles, as well as book lists submitted by from children’s writers,
well-known public figures, learning professionals and more. Children and families are also encouraged to submit their own book lists – you can do so by emailing no more than 10 titles along with a short paragraph about who you are and the theme of your list to

Additional reading activities grid
P1-3 reading activities
P4-7 reading activities

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