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Loirston Home Learning 2020-2021

At Loirston we have a flexible approach to home learning which is designed to fit in with home life and extra-curricular activities which our pupils participate in.  There is an expectation that all activities will be undertaken at least once during each term however they can be completed as many times as you and your child wishes.  Usually all grids would be returned at the end of Term 2, 3 and 4 to be acknowledged by the class teacher however with the current situation teachers will follow children’s progress through observations on their ILD.  Parents can upload photographs and observations of their children practising these skills at home for their teacher to see. Deadlines for presentations and research projects will be made clear when they are first set.

Numeracy Grids

The numeracy grids provide a range of challenges for children to undertake at home and in the community.  These are designed to reinforce prior learning. The website links provide a wide range of numeracy and maths challenge games which children can be encouraged to return to regularly during the term and often relate to the most current learning.

Skills Grids

The skills grids are designed to support children to develop a wider range of knowledge and skills.  Children are encouraged to undertake the challenges in the skills grid throughout the year.  All activities should be attempted at least once and most can be completed multiple times. Children in P1 will be given a fine motor skills grid in term 1 which they will work on at home until Christmas. They will then be given a skills grid in January. 

The school would encourage parents/carers to post comments and photographs etc through their child’s Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) to share out of school achievements.


Your child’s class teacher will set some research or presentation projects throughout the school year. There will be 1-2 in Term 1 and 2 (Aug-Dec), 1-2 in Term 3 (Jan-Apr) and 1-2 in Term 4 (Apr-Jul).  Information will be sent home with details and timings of each project throughout each of the terms.


Once children have reached a certain level in reading, class reading books will no longer go home.  Children will be encouraged to read for enjoyment.  On the school website you can also find a grid of additional reading activities which is optional.

Spelling & Phonics

As part of our Active Literacy approach to spelling and phonics there are no specific wordlists or weekly spelling tests.  The pupils will be developing their phonics and phoneme knowledge as well as spelling strategies.  Your child’s Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) will be used to share examples of their spelling and phonics lessons using the Active Literacy approach.  Please see the school website for more information on Active Literacy and spelling strategies.

Additional Challenges

At various times throughout the year there may be an opportunity for children to enter various competitions e.g. writing.  Information will be shared on the school website for any children who are interested in participating in these.

Education City

Parent Council have kindly funded home access for all the pupils in the school.  All children will be able to log into Education City to access, numeracy, literacy and science activities.

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