Home Learning

Numeracy/Maths Grids:

The numeracy/ maths grids provides a range of challenges for children to undertake at home/ in the community during this term.  These are designed to reinforce prior learning.  Most of the suggested activities in the grids can be attempted more than once.  For example the website links provide a wide range of numeracy and maths challenge games which children can be encouraged to return to regularly during this term.  Similarly the non-website options can be used more than once.  We would ask parents/carers to initial the grid once children had engaged with the challenges.  The grid should be brought back to school at the end of term to show to the children’s class teachers.  A new grid will be issued at the start of each term.

Skills Grids:

The skills grids are designed to support children to develop a wider range of knowledge and skills.  Children are encouraged to overtake the challenges in the skills grid over terms 3 and 4 this session.  Again this grid should be brought back to school at the end of term to share the progress they are making with the challenges with class teachers.

The school would encourage parents/carers to post comments and photographs etc through your child’s Interactive Learning Diary to share their out of school achievements.



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