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Loirston School works hard to provide quality educational experiences for all our children and staff work hard to build positive relationships with all parents.  As a school we are obliged to have procedures in place in the event of complaints by parents.

The procedure for parents/guardians is clearly set out and displayed by the school office and also in our “Information for Parents’ handbook.

The following policy sets out the procedure which we follow in such cases:

  • If any parent/guardian is unhappy with the education that their child is receiving or has any concern relating to the school, we encourage that person to talk to either the class teacher or the Senior Management Team.
  • Where a parent/guardian feels that a situation has not been resolved, or that concern is of a sufficiently serious nature, they should make an appointment to discuss it with the Head Teacher.  Complaints can be made in person, in writing or by e-mail.  Feedback will be given to parents within 28 days of the original complaint being made.

School details:

Loirston Avenue

Cove Bay

Aberdeen City Council

AB12 3HE


Tel. no:    01224 897686


Social Care and Social work

Johnstone House

Rose Street


We hope you find this information useful.

Many thanks

Shirley Campbell-Morgan

Acting Head Teacher

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