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Loirston School Learning Journey


The purpose of the Learning Journey is to encourage home/ school dialogue and to give pupils a place where they can celebrate their achievements in and out of school.


Parents/ carers should feel free to discuss and comment anywhere on the Learning Journey. Some pieces of work may have an area where parents can comment but, if this is not evident, please comment wherever you think is appropriate. Pupils and teachers enjoy seeing parental feedback.


What is in the Learning Journey?

  • A section called, ‘All About Me.’ This could be in the form of a drawing, a piece of text, a diagram, a poem etc.


  • Numeracy and Literacy Targets for the cfe level that the pupil is working on


  • Personal Termly Targets in numeracy, literacy and Health and Wellbeing that have been set by the pupil in consultation with the teacher.
  • Examples of work completed in class in a variety of curricular areas. These may include an ‘Ask me about…’ activity which should encourage discussion at home, photos of models or activities, a review of what has been learned, a review of what has gone well or not recently and much more.
  • An Achievements Section where both school and home achievements can be recorded

How will the Learning Journey support Pupils’ Learning?

  • Each term pupils will set individual targets in Numeracy, Literacy and Health and Wellbeing which will be added to their Learning Journey. These will be reviewed by the pupil in consultation with the teacher at the start of the following term. Traffic light colours will be used to assess.

Green-target fully met            Amber-target only partially met          Red- target not met

Targets not met are likely to be taken on again for the following term. This should be negotiated with the teacher. Parents are to be encouraged to discuss the targets with their child and to write a comment in the Learning Journey jotter.

  • Pupils will regularly use traffic light colours to evaluate their performance in activities. Older pupils may write reflective statements about the activity. Parents are encouraged at all stages to comment and discuss activities with their child.
  • As pupils mature, they will be encouraged to take responsibility for the Learning Journey, having more choice about what goes in it and reflecting more on their learning.

When will it be shared with parents?

Parents should expect to see the Learning Journey about 3-4 times in a term. Jotters will go home on a Friday and should be returned to school by the following Monday. Parents will be notified via the school blog.

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