RSHP resource network
May 2020

We are committed to maintaining the RSHP resource in challenging times. With that in mind this newsletter has a few ideas and prompts to help make sure we keep RSHP education on the agenda for learning in hubs/schools and at home.

Parents and carers as educators: The RSHP resource has information leaflets for parents about RSHP learning at home. They are on every Level page and so are appropriate for parents of children of different ages. Why not send them to parents and carers to remind them that they are their child’s first and most important teacher? The leaflets have lots of ideas about making RSHP learning part of everyday conversations and activities.

Support for RSHP Learning at Home: In some areas, RSHP educators are producing materials that support learning at home for nursery and primary school children. These draw on the RSHP resource and help parents and carers to think about how they can keep RSHP education as part of home learning. We have posted material from Healthy Respect in the Lothians and from colleagues in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as examples – these aren’t ‘designed’ and published formally, but we hope you find them helpful to home learning.
Find the resources here:

Learning in schools/hubs: Of course some children are attending schools or local hubs. The RSHP resource can still be used in these settings, perhaps with smaller groups of children of the same class or school year.

Stay in touch, and all the best for the most creative delivery of your RSHP education this term.
Dr Colin Morrison

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