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Virtual Sports Events

Usually we would be having our 3 sports events this term, this year we will be running 2 from home. Hope you have fun with them!
Family Sports Day 
Sports Day would have been 9th June, so that week we will have a “Family Sports Day”, instead of the PE weekly tasks. You will receive 10 fun tasks via ILD (with the help of some wonderful volunteers), and it is up to each family whether they complete all 10 or pick and choose, and whether they wish to do it in one day, or spread it out over the course of the week.
Don’t worry about sending scores in, instead, we would like some photos of your Family Sports Day for the blog or Twitter please! Feel free to make your own medals etc for this day.
Keyworker Challenge
Well done to everyone who took part in the ‘Virtual Marathon Challenge’! As it was such a success, I have another challenge for you!
With the inspiration of Captain Tom, in June, your challenge is to complete 100 miles (or more if you want a bigger challenge), to complete through running/jogging/walking/cycling etc. The aim is to do this challenge for a ‘Keyworker’ of your choice, and if you wish, to create a back sign like you would for the Race for Life. We will inform the people of the local community, so that you can get a wee cheer as you go! Unfortunately, we are not permitted to create our own ‘Just Giving’ page, though you can donate to a charity of your choice if you wish. Please keep us updated with your progress, and again take some photos for the blog and Twitter!
Have fun and stay safe!
Mrs Greenhill
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