On 24th January, the Scottish Government began consulting on it new draft guidance on the Parental Involvement Act.  They are inviting views

views from parental organisations, head teachers, local authorities, third sector organisations, professional bodies, members of the public and any other organisation or individual with an interest. The consultation period will end on 30th April 2020.


The first aim is to modernise the guidance, taking account of the changes in practice and wider legislation that have occurred since 2007.


The second aim is to strengthen the guidance in so far as possible whilst recognising that the duties and powers in primary statute – ie on the face of the Act itself – remain unchanged.


In updating the guidance it wants to ensure that parental involvement and engagement – and the legal duties that underpin this important aspect in education – are given due prominence and recognition as part of wider aims to develop an empowered education system.


Details of the consultation and how to become involved can be found here:

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