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November – Loirston School Newsletter

November –

School Newsletter

The long, dark nights are with us again and there’s a nip in the air which signals the wintry weather. Inevitably there are more indoor breaks for the children which mean fewer opportunities to work off that youthful energy!  It would be helpful if you could provide your child with a few comics/puzzle books/quiet table-top game etc to keep them occupied during indoor intervals. There are also more sickness bugs about at this time so may I remind you that Grampian Health Board and Aberdeen City Council’s policy is that  anyone, pupil or staff, must have 48 hours clear of symptoms in cases of vomiting or diarrhoea.



The school will be visited by HMIe for a full inspection throughout the week beginning 3rd December 2007.  This will not affect the work of the school but some of the children will meet with members of the Inspection Team.  At the end of the visit, the Inspection Team will give the school a clear action plan to take the school forward over the next few years.  We know there is always room for improvement but hope we are already getting some things right.


Christmas preparations are under way and the school Christmas Fayre is almost upon us; a calendar of our Christmas events/activities is included overleaf for your information along with more important dates for your diary.  More information can be found by accessing our school blog on loirstonconnect.edublogs.org 

Used Stamps

Christmas is also a time for giving and the school is happy to collect used stamps from your mail; these will be passed on to help children in
China. Please remove the stamp from the envelope leaving a small border – approx. ½ cm – surrounding it.



As many of you will know, Mrs Campbell-Morgan has been running a computer club after school for a number of years and the children gain a lot from this activity in terms of learning and enjoyment.  We have received very generous financial support from the owner of Optima Solutions in supporting the continuation of the club and providing additional ICT resources to enhance the pupils’ learning.



If your child cycles to school, please ensure that they are aware of the school rules regarding safety – helmets must be worn, cyclists must dismount and walk their bikes through the playground and cycles should be locked to the rack for security.  Children who breach the rules will be banned from cycling. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.



Calendar of Events – November 13th to December 20th 2007 

Thursday 15th November – Parent/Staff Meetings 3.30 – 5.30 p.m.

Monday 19th November – In-Service Day – School closed to pupils

Friday 23rd November – Live Wire – Bullying Themed Musical Production

Friday 23rd November – delivery of items for School Fayre

Saturday 24th November – Christmas Fayre

Monday 3rd December – 7-9 p.m. – Kincorth Staff to talk to P7 Parents

Monday 10th December  – p.m. – Nativity performance

Monday 10th December – Evening – P7 parents and pupils – tour of


Tuesday 11th December – a.m. – Nativity performance

Tuesday 11th December – School Association Bingo Night

Wednesday 12th December – p.m. – P3 + P4 Christmas Party

Thursday 13th December – school Christmas lunch

Friday 14th December – p.m. – P1 + P2 Christmas Party

Monday 17th December – a.m. & p.m. – Nursery Parties

Wednesday 19th December – P5-7 School Christmas Disco

Thursday 20th December – Christmas Assembly

Friday 21st December – school closes for two weeks

Monday 7th January 2008 – School reopens for Term 3



Head Teacher


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