Flu Immunisation Update

The NHS has just given us this further information to clearup any concerns
School Immunising Staff
The School Immunising staff will visit primary schools on the scheduled date or even earlier where possible to vaccinate:
 children with underlying medical conditions,
 children who are 4 years old on the day nurses attend that school
 children who live in a household with a severely immunocompromised contact in accordance with the Green Book guidance. Nurses will either administer the Live Fluenz Tetra vaccine (LAIV) or the Quadrivalent (QIVe) vaccine depending on the child’s or family member’s medical history.
GP Practice Staff Practices will continue to provide Flu vaccine to secondary school age pupils with an underlying medical condition or who live in a household with a severely immunocompromised contact in accordance with the Green Book guidance. In December, when more Fluenz Tetra stock is available, GP staff may also provide catch-up vaccination for those primary school pupils who missed their scheduled school session. Please note this only applies to pupils whose scheduled school session took place prior to November 6th . These will be pupils who missed their school session due to being absent/ill on the day and who will not obtain a further vaccination opportunity via the school nursing staff.
Parents / Guardians Please be assured if your child’s Flu vaccine has been delayed due to the postponement, another opportunity for your child to be vaccinated will be made available. Contingency plans are currently being made and further details will follow to ensure your child can be vaccinated before the end of January.
NHS Grampian do not recommend that you source immunisation by injection from a community pharmacy or elsewhere as the Fluenz Tetra nasal spray is the most effective Flu vaccine for children. The QIVe injection is only recommended to those individuals aged 2-18 years for whom clinical reasons mean live attenuated intranasal influenza vaccine (Fluenz Tetra) is not suitable. Furthermore, sourcing immunisation elsewhere increases the risk of duplicate vaccinations being given at a rescheduled session as school nursing staff will vaccinate based on the information you have already provided on your completed Consent Form, unless they have been advised otherwise. Please note, if your child has obtained the flu injection at a chemist it is your responsibility to pass these details onto the school and the GP practice to reduce the risk of duplicate vaccination.
If your child is recommended to have the Flu vaccine due to a household contact being severely immunocomprammised and this information has not been detailed on your returned Consent Form please call the Immunisation Team on 01224 558460 and these details will be passed to the appropriate nurse. . Any queries regarding the above please telephone 01224 558460.

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