Dear Parents/ Carers,


Meeting with Neil Hendry, Head Teacher Lochside Academy


Neil Hendry, Head Teacher at Lochside Academy, will give a short presentation and run a question/answer session for parents/carers of our current P7 children on Monday 13 May, 6pm – 7pm in the Community Lounge at Loirston PS.


This meeting is part of the wider programme of transition visits/ supports we have organised to support our current P7 children to make a successful move to Lochside Academy after the summer.


Our P7 children will have further opportunities to visit Lochside Academy in May and June and there is also a parents’ information evening for P7 parents from all the associated primary schools on the evening of Thursday 13 June at Lochside Academy.




Colin Nicol

Head Teacher

Loirston School

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