The parent council e-mail address is:- if anyone would like to provide feedback or share anything at the meeting.


Loirston Primary Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday 5th March 2019, 6.15pm-6.30pm start

Community Lounge, Loirston Primary School – All Welcome


  • Welcome/Apologies


  • Approve Minutes of last meeting/review outstanding actions


  • Fundraising committee update
    • Valentines Disco
    • Upcoming Events: Easter Bingo, Summer Disco, Prom
    • Tablet Funding Project
    • Other


  • Treasurers Report


  • School Update
    • Homework Policy feedback
    • Parent Open Evenings feedback
    • Improvement Plan update
    • Staffing Update
    • Promoting Positive Behaviour
    • Other


  • Chairperson Notes:
    • Aberdeen City Parent Forum Meeting – minutes
    • Termly Parent Meeting 26th February with Donna Cuthill
    • Termly Newsletter suggestions


  • AOCB
    • Parental Engagement workshop
    • Other


  • Date of Next Meeting 8th May 2019


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