16th January 2019 6.30pm



Parents Kelly Gordon (KG), Jacqui Murdoch (JM), Karen Strachan (KS), Emma Kennedy (EK), Moira Cutler (MC), Fleur Tarling (FT), Nicola Argo (NA), Darren Mann (DM), Lynn Connell (LC), Miroslaw Jackiewicz (MJ)

School Representative Mr Nicol (CN), Mrs Hidson (KH)


Karen McClymont (KMc), Mrs Pert (TP)


  • • Welcome/Apologies
  • • Approve Minutes of last meeting/review outstanding actions


    • Fundraising Subgroup update
  • • Treasurers Report


      • School Update o Homework Policy
      • o Parent Open Evening
  • o Improvement Plan update
  • o Staffing Update
  • o Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • o Other


      • Chairperson Notes: o Aberdeen City Parent Forum Meeting
      • o Termly Parent Meeting with Donna Cuthill cancelled
      • o Health check sent to Donna Cuthill
  • o Termly Newsletter feedback
  • • AOCB
  • • Date of Next Meeting



The meeting was opened at 6.30pm by the chairperson, who welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. – KG Page 2 of 5


Minutes Proposed FT

Minutes Seconded JM



  • Treasurer report Playdale invoice still outstanding PT/EK
  • School update QIO given dates of meetings, date to be confirmed but likely meeting prior to summer – CN
  • Contact Nursery to discuss links with Parent Council – FT


Xmas Merchandise

Income £2,122

Profit £470

Feedback: very positive, template much better for nursery, minor issues with some late orders delivered. Issue regarding missing orders. Look into how we can help prevent missing orders in future.

Xmas Fayre

Income £3,116

Profit £2,487

Feedback: Healthy profit. Makes all the work worthwhile as a lot of time goes into the fayre. Positive feedback received, fayre was very busy, freeing up space in hall worked with Santa grotto in yellow eight kitchen. Slight issue with entering and exiting the same way with buggies. But can look at it again this year. Thank office for their help with toy/book donations and raffle prize distributions. Thank teachers who helped us out with Xmas trees etc when setting up. Late notice of set up time restriction on the Friday caused some concerns as we couldn’t get into school any earlier on the Saturday. Better communication around school stalls etc would help when setting up. Great support from community.

Secret Santa Shop

Income £919

Profit £353

Feedback: very positive feedback from kids and parents. Using lounge worked well. Nursery chose not to be involved and didn’t communicate this to the group. We would like to work with them to alleviate any concerns.

Valentines Disco 19th February confirmed no issue with school access or lock up as member of the management team will be in attendance. Confirm no parent access to hall during disco and also P2 and P3 experience should not be impacted again.

Book Fayre date to be confirmed with vendor this week. Confirmed we will run during the week of parents evenings w/c 3rd June.

Focus of fundraising with school for tablets children Mrs Hidson to attend the Fundraising Group meeting on 23rd January to discuss and agree focal points. Page 3 of 5

Starting to think about Prom. – We will be issuing a save the date note to all P7’s. To be considered for next year we have been contacted by Norwood who are now providing prom packages, details to be shared with Fundraising group at the next meeting.



  • Available balance after o/s cheques/income is £6591.94.
  • Parent council contributed 2 x £50 cash prizes to the Christmas Fayre raffle and an Amazon Fire Tablet.
  • Aberdeen City Council Grant amount received in November was £331.48
  • Teacher Ipads (20) have been purchased and parent council contribution to be confirmed by Mrs Hidson . Final amount to be confirmed at next meetingKH/EK


TP to confirm when invoice for play dale received and EK to provide cheque for agreed amount

KH to provide receipts for class contributions monies paid to school in 2018. Mrs Hidson confirmed the 19 classes included a general expense amount.

TP to confirm if monies still due relating to Nativity costumes (Invoice £258.11 cheque paid £250 from parent council account)

KH to provide documentation from accountants for IPads purchase to support contribution and confirm amount.


Homework Policy:

The school has used the feedback from the parent survey and a survey of P4-P7 learners to review our approach to home learning. The new approach will be used from the week beginning 28 January. This will include using a termly numeracy grid with suggestions for how children can develop their skills through the use of online resources or activities linked to home routines. There will also be an annual skills for life grid with challenges for children to attempt during the course of the year.

Parent Open Evening Event:

The school will run a drop in open event for parents on Tuesday 29 January between 4.30pm- 6.30pm. Parents are encouraged to use a survey monkey to indicate which half hour slot they will come along to. The focus of the event will be the new home learning approach, the use of the ILD and the new promoting positive behaviour system. Page 4 of 5

Improvement Plan update:

All the action plans are being progressed well. Key developments include curriculum planning, revising additional support needs procedures, further development of our pupil participation strategy. The nursery action plan has led to improvements in nursery care plans and the systems in place to share key information across the staff team.

Promoting Positive Behaviour:

Following consultation with staff and pupils a clear set of expectations has been created and displayed around the school. Every class has introduced a Good to be Green system to encourage and reward good behaviour.


Teacher has been identified to cover the day that Mr Constable is no longer able to give to the school.

New Library will be open soon minor issues with tracking system to be resolved.


Improvement plan to be a standing agenda item as this is one of the main focuses for both staff and parent forum.


Aberdeen City Parent Forum update meeting held 14/1/19 apologies given – minutes to follow in due course

Termly meeting Last meeting in November was cancelled meeting is the 26th February for anyone that would like to attend with KG are welcome.

Health Check sent to Donna Cuthill no areas of concern noted

Termly newsletter Term 2 issued before Christmas holidays positive feedback and would welcome ideas for new term.

Training Courses available dates 20th February for Committee Skills and HR selection and Recruitment- contact parent council email for more information if interested.

Aberdeen City Council led Workshop on “Lets talk about engaging parents” is to be run on the afternoon of the 14th February 2019. Mr Nicol and Emma Kennedy are to attend on behalf of our school.

Communication we are still not consistent with communication. Just need to make sure that we are communicating at the right time in the right way. Page 5 of 5


Let KG know thoughts regarding to new term newsletter.


Free Christmas Raffle with donations of selection boxes, toyshop vouchers and kindle from parent council request to review this for next year. Suggestion from school is supply of a game to each class so that no child feels that they are missing out when their name is not picked.

It was agreed that there was too much fundraising efforts last term (especially in December) and this will be reviewed to prevent this happening again.

Due to the city wide issues regarding drug dealing MC asked how our school would address this with the Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils to ensure that all children and parents have an awareness. The pupils are being educated through the health and well-being programme and through the transition programme but KH will raise it with teachers about the current issues in Secondary Schools.

Question raised regarding suppliers for paints as school wear is getting ruined due to the difficulty in removing spilt paint from clothing. No change in suppliers noted, however, suggestion was made to take in old clothes for when they are painting.

Issue raised with regards to children’s toilets and questioned if maintenance is being performed timely. One cubicle has no seat and one cubicle has no lock on it. KH will ensure that the janitor investigates and actions the required maintenance.

Community Lounge fridge needs cleaned and EK has offered to come in and clean it.


Review and agree changes to free raffle CN/KG

KH to provide an update on how teachers are supporting pupils in transition to assist in addressing how academies are dealing with drug related issues

CN to issue communication to parent forum regarding agreement to bring old top/t-shirt to school when painting

❖ KH to provide and update on maintenance issues

Date of next Parent Council meeting 6.30pm 5th March 2019, Loirston School.

Date of next Fundraising Subgroup meeting – TBC, Loirston School.


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