Cove and Altens Community Council


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 5 February 2018 at Loirston School

1. Sederunt and apologies

Community Councillors:

Michele McPartlin (MMcP – chair), Raymond Clark (RC), Sue Porter (SP), Lauren Allanach (LA), Brian Allan (BA), Lynn Thomson (LT – minute).


Jim Henderson, Wendy Suttar, Craig Collie, Lynn Main, Andy Dalziel, Steve Birnie, ACC Councillor: Sarah Duncan


Marlene Westland, Tekena Fubara, Julie Flynn, Jayne Thomson, Hector MacKenzie (Friends of Old Cove), ACC Councillor Philip Sellar

2. Minutes of Previous AGM (6 February 2017):

Proposed by Sue Porter, seconded by Raymond Clark. Noted that surname of guest speaker was not noted in minutes. Cllr Duncan offered to find out the surname of David from Waste Management at ACC. SD

3. Matters arising:

None raised.

4. Chair’s report:

Full report attached as Appendix 1.

Several matters mentioned in the report were discussed in more detail as below:

Incinerator: Brian Allan stated that he understood that both Moray and Aberdeenshire councils had signed up to the scheme and that contracts had been awarded. Cllr Duncan advised that site investigations were ongoing. Michele McPartlin reported that an air monitor had been set up in the Loirston allotments but that no results were yet available. SEPA will be in charge of awarding and monitoring the terms of the incinerator’s licence.

This year’s Cove Gala will be on 2 June 2018.

This year’s Cove Clean Up will be on 28 April 2018.

Catto Play Park upgrade had been due to start shortly, however due to the weather the ground is still very wet and this has delayed the start until early May.

Cove Chronicles: The current version was not delivered on Saturday 3 February therefore the bundling will now take place Tuesday 6 February at Altens Community Centre Coffee Shop.

Lochside Academy safe routes to school: Andy Dalziel raised a query about safe routes to the new academy. Cllr Duncan advised that there will be speed monitoring on Earnsheugh Road, Cove Road and Charleston Road. A Toucan crossing is being installed at Burger King. The pedestrian flyover that had been suggested in the past was not a practical option due to engineering requirements and land ownership issues.

Steve Birnie noted that he had seen two accidents in recent days at the southern exit of the roundabout and that vehicles also had difficulty exiting Wellington Circle at peak times. He’d also seen traffic jumping red lights at the Sainsbury’s Charleston Road North junction.

Cllr Duncan advised that a 20mph limit will operate from Sainsbury’s to Burger King. Barriers might also be erected but these are still to be recommended. In addition P6 and P7 pupils are having road safety lessons.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

Full report is attached as Appendix 2.

Several matters mentioned in the report were discussed in more detail as below:

Lauren Allanach advised that the number of advertisers in the Chronicle is decreasing. There could be several reasons for this including the use of other channels such as social media. Raymond Clark stated that the Chronicle is still a valuable resource for many people in Cove.

The current print runoff the Chronicle is 3650 copies and will need to increase further in the future to cover the new builds at Charleston.

6. Open Forum:

Raymond Clark raised the issue of traffic on Langdykes Road. Tankers from the sewage plant appear to be using this route. Raymond asked that where there were planning conditions in place how were these enforced on an ongoing basis. Cllr Duncan stated that she would follow up this query with council officers. SD

Michele McPartlin thanked Cllr Duncan for the new signage at the Makro roundabout, however she felt that a sign was still required at the Coast Road entrance.

Steve Birnie asked about the lack of dog waste bins in the area of the new houses at Charleston. Cllr Duncan advised that both she and Cllr Flynn have spoken to Stewart Milne about this. One difficulty was that the highways and byways were on private land that had not been adopted by the council.

Raymond Clark mentioned litter picks and could more be done. Michele McPartlin advised that the Community Payback Team have started litter picks in the area. Steve Birnie noted that the area between the electricity substation and Sainsbury’s attracts a lot of litter, particularly Burger King waste.

Steve Birnie raised the issue of walking routes. He stated that part of the coastal path near Diamond Wood and the railway bridge was shut due to works at the Bay of Nigg. Cllr Duncan agreed to check the status of this. SD

Craig Collie asked about the traffic island on Langdykes Road. When a bus stops this can block the road to other traffic and lead to considerable delays. Cllr Duncan advised that the council will not move the bus stop, but that the Earnsheugh Road junction with Langdykes Road may be under review.

Craig also congratulated the Community Council on attracting new members.

Raymond Clark thanked Michele McPartlin for chairing the AGM.

7. Date of next meeting

26 February 2018 at 7pm Loirston Primary School.


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