Mid-Term Newsletter


Dear Parents/ Carers,


I can hardly believe that we are now halfway through term 1 of the new school session with a holiday weekend fast approaching.


It has been an eventful start to the new session with plenty of new developments in train or underway.


House Captains:  Our new House Captains have been appointed. 


They performed their first duties extremely well this week when they gave a comprehensive tour of the school for our Council’s new Chief Officer for Education and Children’s Services, Graeme Simpson.



Pupil Buddies:  Our new P1 children are now at school full time and our new squad of Pupil Buddies have done a splendid job in supporting them to find their way both in the lunch hall and out in the school grounds.



 Young Inspectors


Education Scotland are developing a young inspectors programme.  They want to engage even more with children and young people to listen to their views about how to improve Scottish Education.  Loirston School will be one of only 5 primary schools who will take part in this new pilot project for Aberdeen and nationally involving some of our older pupils in reciprocal visits to other schools.  More details and updates will follow.



Red Start:

This session we have joined forces with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust to deliver two planned programmes.  Every week this session, a coach from the Trust will work with targeted pupil groups during Friday afternoons on a health and well-being programme called Red Start.  In addition, they will also support the PSA team at lunchtimes through a programme called Better Playground Play.

The partnership with the Trust got off to a spectacular start when Angus the Bull joined us for a special Red Start assembly.




The JrNBA Programme is coming to Aberdeen and Loirston. This is a worldwide

programme ran by the NBA, in partnership with basketballscotland nationally and Active Schools

Aberdeen locally.


Loirston will enter a team of 6 boys and 6 girls from P6/P7 to compete in a series of local festival

competitions through January to March 2019 with the prospect of representing Aberdeen in

national finals in Edinburgh.




The school has rented space at the local allotments with a view to giving our children the

opportunity to grow and the harvest our own produce.



Youth Music Initiative:

Once again this session we are delighted to host visiting teachers/ instructors to enhance our music

curriculum.  The instructors will deliver a singing lesson programme for our younger learners.  In

addition our P4 and P5 learners will also enjoy a series of rhythm workshops in the coming weeks


 Parent Council:


We are delighted that following the recent AGM both a new Parent Council and a new Fundraising

Group have been established for the session ahead. 


 Last session the Parent Council donated monies to help repair our Playdale facilities. 

These repairs have now taken place and the children are absolutely delighted

to be able to enjoy the various climbing and balancing challenges the equipment provides.


Our new musical instruments have also arrived again supported by funding form the Parent Council

and this support is very much appreciated.


Staffing Updates:


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new faces on our staff team, namely Miss


Qadir, Miss Hutchison, Miss Bennett and Miss Ratcliffe.


 Many congratulations to Mrs Katrina Hidson who has been appointed as an established DHT for the

school.  I am delighted for Mrs Hidson and am very pleased to now have a settled leadership team

for the school.


 A very fond farewell is due to Mrs Julie Turner.  Mrs Turner has recently been successful in securing

a post with another local authority.  Mrs Turner has given long and valued service to the school

supporting and nurturing many of our learners to successful progress in their learning.  She is a very

valued colleague and I know that all the staff team at Loirston and the Parent Community will want

to wish her all the very best with her future career plans.


 School Improvement:


We were pleased to share with the parent community our recent follow through inspection letter

which gave well deserved recognition to the work of the staff team in achieving good progress with

our improvement priorities during last session.


This session we are determined to keep up the pace of improvement and attached is a short leaflet

setting out our improvement priorities for the coming session.  This leaflet has been e-mailed to you

and can also be found on the school website.


Curriculum Rationale:


Last session the staff and children put a lot of work into thinking about the purpose and design of

our Loirston Curriculum.  Attached is the result of this work, our Curriculum Rationale.  We would

welcome parental feedback to help us finalise our thinking about what the curriculum at Loirston

School and nursery should aspire to achieve for all our learners.  A copy of the Curriculum Rationale

has been e-mailed to you and can also be found on the school website.


 School Calendar:


 On of the consistent requests to the Parent Survey the school and Parent Council conducted last

session was to provide parents with more forewarning of school events.  A calendar of school events

is currently being pulled together and will be issued to parents in the near future.


 However, dates which parents/carers will want to note are that we shall have 2 sets of parents

evenings this session. 


 The first parents’ evenings will be held on Tuesday 6 November 6pm – 8pm and Thursday 8

November 3.30pm – 5.30pm 2018.


 A second set of parents’ evenings will go ahead in Tuesday 4 June 6pm – 8pm and Thursday 8 June

3.30- 5.30pm 2019.


 This year our open day will be Tuesday 29 January 2019.


 Thank you for your continued support for the school and I hope our children and families enjoy the


forthcoming holiday weekend.










    Loirston Improvement Plan 2018/2019


Our priorities this year are to:


  • To continue to improve attainment for all learners in literacy and numeracy
  • To implement our Pupil Equity Plan and ASN guidelines to address barriers learners may face to making progress with their learning
  • To improve our children’s health and well-being and resilience through establishing a nurturing ethos and delivering specific curriculum programmes
  • To further develop effective practice in planning learning and assessment and moderation
  • To embed effective approaches to self-evaluation and strategic planning                                                    


We aim to: Outcomes for children:
Support consistent use of a range of literacy and numeracy programmes and strategies to raise attainment.
  • Improved attainment in reading, writing, listening and talking and numeracy


  • Targeted support will enable all learners to make progress and achieve
Develop staff skillset in building nurturing relationships with our learners.


Deliver targeted Health and Well-Being curriculum programmes.


Implement revised additional support guidelines and procedures.



  • Our learners are nurtured and supported to achieve progress in their learning
  • Our learners will improve their engagement with school and learning
  • Our learners will develop increased resilience
  • Our learners will receive appropriate support to meet their needs
Continue to develop the planning of our curriculum in line with our Curriculum Rationale.


Give increased focus to developing skills for learning, life and work through curriculum planning.

  • Our learners will develop an increased awareness of the relevance of their learning to the world of work


  • Our learners will improve their digital skills to support learning across the curriculum
Develop a strategic approach to planning for school self-evaluation and improvement.


Establish our learner involvement strategy which was piloted last session.


Participate in a pilot Young Inspectors programme with Education Scotland


  • Our learners will be supported to participate meaningfully in supporting our school to improve.





Parent Consultation 2017/18


You Said… We Shall…



  • Can we have more information about children’s progress



  • Update our interactive learning diary every two weeks



  • Introduce two sets of parents’ evenings during the school session 2018/19

  • Can we have more communication about the focus of learning each term






  • From January 2019 we intend to introduce termly summaries for parents/carers of the focus of learning in each class


(These summaries will be introduced once we have undertaken a review of the school’s current homework policy with staff, parents and children)



  • Better advance notification of events during the school year




  • A school calendar is being worked on and will be issued to parents/carers in the near future as a reference point for key events scheduled for this school session.

















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