Follow Through Inspection Update

Follow Through Inspection Update

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Following a further inspection visit to the school and nursery by HMIe Inspectors in June 2018 a letter for parents/carers about their findings has now been published on the Education Scotland website.

 The letter can be viewed by using the link to the Education Scotland website below and entering the school name in the search box.

 A copy of the letter has also been placed in each child’s school bag today.

 The letter provides positive feedback about the progress achieved by the school/ nursery since the original inspection.  The letter commends the considerable efforts of the whole staff to ensure good progress with the main areas for development from the inspection report.  As a result our children’s learning experiences and progress are improving.  Both the school and nursery will continue to embed the developments which have enabled us to improve our provision during last session.

 Thank you for your continued support.

 Colin Nicol

Head Teacher


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