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Dear Parent/Guardian,
Active Schools Mailing List
Due to the changes the new GDPR Regulations have made changes to the way we keep personal data, and market our clubs, we are contacting all parents within the Lochside Associated School Group to ask them to register for our updates. Please note, we can no longer use information provided to us prior to June 2018.

To make this easier, we have moved to an online format for both mailing lists and all club bookings. The Sport Aberdeen website has information on Active Schools, the Lochside ASG, and now includes club bookings under the ‘events’ section of the website.

To sign up for our Mailing List, please follow the link below:

This will enable the Active Schools team to contact you to inform you when new clubs are starting at your child(ren)s school or in the local area and provide you with information on how to book.

This new approach should make things easier for you to book onto clubs and give opportunities to children who have not had the chance to be part of the Active Schools programme before. However, as with all things, there will be teething issues, so please feel free to give us feedback.

If you are unable to complete the online sign up or booking process, we are still able to do this over the phone or via email, with an extra form to complete. If you wish to do this, please contact either of us on or 07825 754634.

Mike Wallace

Active Schools Coordinator Lochside ASG


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