Facebook and Social Media

Facebook and Social Media

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoqwYUBmcUs_vvS5dBeTGbfGzgVuoHzx9GA-UuPRLxj5Fv2p3CeQoavo_2A reminder to parents that there is an ‘open door’ policy and any issues can be discussed by making a call to make an appointment to meet with the class teacher or myself. Parents are also reminded to arrange this via the school office.


The legal department in Aberdeen City Council have issued the following statement / guide:


‘There have been a number of incidents recently where parents have posted entries on Facebook regarding issues relating to pupils and/ or staff. Parents are reminded that Facebook is a public forum and that posts made may reach a wider audience than intended.


Parents should also be aware that making abusive or offensive comments can result in the imposition of civil and/or criminal sanctions and may also result in their child being excluded from school due to the actions of their parents. It is therefore not appropriate to be discussing issues on Facebook and any issues can be discussed and resolved by contacting the school directly.’




Colin Nicol

Head Teacher


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