Success in City-Wide Competitions

Congratulations to our P7 classes for their recent successes in city wide competitions

Junior Enterprise Game:

Our P7B class have been taking part in a junior enterprise competition over the last 8 weeks. The children in the class were set up in teams to design and market a new clothing brand (in this case a t-shirt). The teams had to create a logo, design web pages, manage profit/loss. All the teams showed very good team-working in taking on this challenge. One of the teams achieved second place overall out of the 114 classes across Aberdeen City who took part in the challenge.


SUMDOG is an on-line maths competition. Both P7 classes at Loirston achieved high placings in the competition which was run across Aberdeen City. Of particular note was that one pupil in P7A and one pupil in P7B achieved ninth and tenth places respectively in the competition out of 1729 pupils who took part.

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