9th May 2018 6.15pm






Parents – Fleur Tarling (FT), Jacqui Murdoch (JM), Yvonne Buchan (YB), Kelly Gordon (KG), Paola Adams (PA), Karen Strachan (KS), Gillian Robertson (GR), Shona Robertson (SR), Alison Sherriffs (AS), Claire Cowe (CC), Nicola Argo (NA), Shonagh Neave (SN), Karen McClymont (KM)


School Representative – Mr Nicol and Mrs Hidson


Council Representative – Sarah Duncan




Vicky Ross (VR), Anne Proctor (AP), Mrs Pert






  • Welcome

  • Attendance/ Apologies

  • Welcome to Mr Nicol

  • Update on survey

  • Transport meeting

  • Purchase & contributions for equipment

  • School disco and P7 Prom

  • Treasurers report

  • School update

  • AOCB






  • Results out before the end of term




  • Results to be put on school blog.






  • Supported buses for pupils from Cove.

  • There will be no subsidies for Cove pupils

  • First Bus won the tender to provide school transport

  • Information to be confirmed regarding pick up & drop off times of buses

  • Discussion with First Bus regarding season tickets for pupils.

  • First Bus also provide student prices for 16/17 year olds – many people don’t know this.

  • Air Quality Management Committee currently have monitoring facilities at the bottom of Wellington road (Torry end)

  • No air quality issues at the Cove end of Wellington Road.  This will be monitored again once the AWPR opens.

  • No puffin crossing to be installed at Cove Road – to be reviewed again once Lochside Academy is open.

  • There will be a puffin crossing installed at the end of Langdykes/ Earnsheugh.

  • There will be advisory signs for 20MPH installed on Wellington Road, from Porshe garage to other side of roundabout.

  • The new crossing can hold 50 pupils, the path at the opposite side of the road has been widened to 3 metres.






  • SD to have Douglas to visit the roundabout one weekday morning to assess traffic volume.

  • Aberdeen City Council to continue to monitor the amount of children crossing once Lochside academy opens.

  • SD to liaise with police Scotland to see if we can have speed cameras put in place.






  • Parent Council covered the cost of Dash & Dot robots following a request from Mrs Hidson.  The cost of this was £1673

  • The parent council have agreed to use funds of approx £2000-£3000 to upgrade the music room with new instruments and storage for the instruments.  Mrs Hidson to confirm what needs purchased.

  • Mrs Pert received a quote for the repair of the playdale for approx £1600

  • Signs advising that the wildlife garden is for children’s use were discussed






  • Parent council have agreed to pay a third of repairs costs of playdale as other groups (over 50’s, Co-op) are also contributing.  School to contact us if there is still a shortfall.

  • SD to ask council about the possibility of another CCTV camera being installed in the school grounds covering the playdale.

  • Parent council to speak to VR about signs for wildlife garden as she arranged ‘No Dog’ signs.

  • School to make contact with Sam Harris to see if he would be willing to attend an assembly to talk to the children about being respectful towards our school and community.






  • Summer disco is to take place on Tuesday 12th June 2018, with a shorts and shades theme.

  • Prom taking place on Friday 22nd June.

  • JM has been handling Prom return slips, and arranged invites for teachers, awaiting replies.

  • Some suggestions for activities while photos are been taken were:


Guess how many sweeties in the jar?




Guess the Teacher


Photo Booth






  • VR to take responsibility for organisation of Summer Disco. 

  • Emergency contact forms to be distributed to pupils nearer the time.

  • FT, JM, KM, SR, SN, KG all helpers at prom.

  • SN to make up a quiz for P7 Prom.

  • KG to provide empty sweetie jar.






  • Interviews taking place for P6 teacher.  Mrs Hidson & Mrs Pert will continue to teach P6 until advised further.

  • P3 maternity cover position is still available.

  • Miss McCallum is to stay on at Loirston primary School

  • Mrs Thorpe will continue to teach P3A until advised further.






  • Mrs Hidson & Mr Nicol to arrange for a school update to be published in the Cove Chronicle.






The current bank balance is £8515.74. Easter Bingo made a profit of £126. Still tuck left that can be used at the next disco.


The current bank balance does not include the outgoings on the music instruments, the play dale and the prom. It is estimated after the anticipated outgoings the bank balance will be around £4000.






  • P1 induction to be held on the 29th of May, 6.30-7.30

  • KG, KM & SN volunteered to help at this.

  • Nursery Induction to be held on 19th June, 6.30- 7.30

  • KS & KG volunteered to help at this.

  • P6 parents are also going to be invited to Living & Growing evening.

  • School Blog has been updated and requires all parents to re-subscribe.






  • Cove Gala requested School and Parent Council to run Hook a Bag and Lucky Dip.

  • School covering an hour, CC, KM, GR volunteered to cover remaining time.

  • Fundraising events, possibility of running a different event, not necessarily family orientated.  Race nights, Ladies nights, Games Night, Beetle Drive all suggested.

  • Meeting to discuss Parental Involvement Survey has been arranged for 21st May with CN, DC, KG, FT & JM.






Wednesday 20th June, 6.15pm, Yellow unit kitchen.


Items for Agenda:


  • Parental Involvement Survey findings

  • Transport update

  • Feedback on follow up inspection taking place w/c 4th June.


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