Parent Minutes of Meeting 17.01.18


Parents – Fleur Tarling (FT), Jacqueline Murdoch (JM), Yvonne Buchan (YB), Vicky Ross (VR), Kelly Gordon (KG), Susan Strachan (SS)

School Representative – Mrs Winton, Mrs Pert & Mrs Hidson


Gillian Robertson (GR), Shonagh Neave (SN), Karen Strachan (KS), Claire Cowe (CC) & Ann Proctor (AP).


  • Welcome Apologies
  • School Update
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Chairperson notes:Book FayreEaster BingoThank you letters from school pupils
  • Santa Shop
  • Valentines Disco
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Treasurers Report
  • AOCB



  • Mrs Winton provided an update on the staffing situation.  P6 teacher post has been advertised twice, no successful applicants as yet.
  • No date as yet for Mr Nicol taking over the Head Teacher role, should be no later than March.


  • Mrs Winton advised that she doesn’t feel there is much of a positive attitude towards the school, a lot of negativity being reported back to the staff.


  • SNSA update, Mrs Hidson & Mrs Pert to do bulletin for parents on the blog.
  • Message to go on the school blog advising that there is an open door policy at Loirston Primary School & parents are more than welcome to talk with staff regarding any issues instead of posting on social media.
  • JM to put a post on the Parent Council Facebook page advising that we are very short of help & support.
  • Mrs Hidson & Mrs Pert to advise costings for playdale lights, cameras etc.



Minutes of last meeting

  • Minutes of last meeting approved.
  • “No dogs allowed” signs to be placed around the school.
  •  “Childrens play zone” signs to be placed around the school.




  • VR to arrange the purchase of “No dogs allowed” signs & “Childrens play zone” signs.



  • The Christmas Fayre was successful again, we made £2154.91



  • More helpers required for the Santa Shop in future to allow children choice & to help with labels.
  • Mrs Hidson to arrange thank you letters for the raffles from the children.
  • Mr Hidson to arrange a personal thank you letter for Tyre Services.
  • FT/JM to provide letters P.C.



  • It was agreed that the Parent Council will take over the running of the Book Fayre.




  • Decision to be made on which days the Book Fayre will take place & whether it will run at the same time as Parents Evening.




  • The Valentines Disco will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2018.




  • Message to go on the Parent Council Facebook page advising that consent forms must be filled in for all children attending any discos from now on.  JM to do forms.
  • Consent forms to be available on the night for parents to fill in.
  • Request to be put out for more helpers for the late disco.
  • KG to purchase tuck.
  • JM to purchase glow.





  • The Easter Bingo will take place on 27th March 2018.




  • FT to check with SN & find out if she is available to purchase the Easter eggs.
  • SN, FT, JM, VR & YB helpers for the Easter Bingo.




  • The current bank balance taking into account outstanding cheques to be cashed is £10,682,74.
  • The Santa Shop made £348.23.
  • The Christmas Fayre made £2154.91.



  • Facebook page to be created for parent helpers.
  • Learning Journey updates (lack of).
  • Information on pupil council and other groups available to children.


  • JM to set up Facebook page for parent helpers.
  • Mrs Hidson – communicate on IT issues & groups.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 7th March 2018.



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