Cove & Altens Community Council Minutes of Meeting 317

On Monday 15th January, 2018 at Loirston School.
1. Sederunt; Community Councillors, Michele McPartlin (MMcP) , Jayne Thomson (JT), Marlene Westland (MW), Raymond Clark (RC). Others, PC Ainsley Walker ( A1264), PC John Chalmers (A1323), ACC Councillors Alex Nicoll and Philip Sellar, Lynn Thomson (LT), Brian Allan (BA) and Katrina (Marlene’s grand-daughter).
Apologies; Stephen Flynn, Lauren Allanach, Julie Flynn, Sue Porter, Tekena Fubara, Mike Duncan, Ms Sande (Alcohol Licensing), Cllr Sarah Duncan.
2. Minutes of Meeting No. 316, 27th November 2017 . Proposed by JT, seconded MMcP.
3. Police Report. PC John Chalmers stated that there had been 17 Crime Reports; 6 detected and 9 undetected, 2 thefts, 1 vandalism and 1 drug offence. There had been a theft of a vehicle from the Lochinch area and a bicycle from Shieldhill Gardens. The vandalism involved a car window in Creel Court. Youth issues persisted, with ‘egging’ still a nuisance. PC Walker said he had made an Operation Bid, not yet approved, to tackle youth nuisance. MMcP raised the ongoing issue of speeding vehicles; to be raised in a police article in the Cove Chronicle. MW asked about the relationship between the Health Partnership and Police.
4. No speaker in the guest-slot
5. Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting No. 316 on 27/11/2017. * MMcP said that water running across the Coast Rd is leading to ice there, much worse. *Enquiries continue as to who is responsible for remedy. *It is believed that the new lamp-posts in Cove Rd should be erected in February. *Litter had been picked up in Altens but the situation is still as bad, Councillor Nicoll to pursue again. *Traffic Management outside schools, report is late, now due in May, Councillor Nicoll gave a very brief outline of new ACC committee structure, e.g. there will be no distinct Education Committee and it is not yet clear how the roles will develop. Councillor Sellar was asked for his view on the reorganisation/new structure, but was non-committal. He did opine that more services are moving online and there should be some benefits.
6. Co-option of new community councillors; MMcP gave a brief distinction between elected councillors, co-opted councillors and associate councillors. There were to be 2 new co-opted councillors. Lynn Thomson (LT), was proposed by MW and seconded by MMcP. Brian Allan(BA), was proposed by JT and seconded by MW. They were warmly welcomed, even more so when Lynn also volunteered to be Minutes Secretary.
7. Treasurer’s Report; RC gave information received by email from Julie; No. 1 a/c was £6,187.00; No. 2 a/c was £3,971.00. The Crowdfunding initiative successfully raised £1,603.00 and was lodged in the No. 2 Christmas lights account and £516.00 to come from the Cove Gala for the Community Christmas Tree. £2,800 had been budgeted for Scotia for the lamp-post features and £2,280 ‘ring-fenced’ for 2018. JT expressed concern that the Christmas tree appeared damaged and did not look to be value for money. RC said he would ask the council if we could get a price reduction. £627.30 was raised from the Christmas concert. The year end, to 31st December 2017, accounts will be audited by Sanda Stromane.
8. Planning Matters; *21 Burnbanks Village came under a Section 4 in Planning, our normal CC comments being made.* MMcP advised that the Coast Rd., fronting Green Arbour is to be one way North and is at stage 1 for approval; she asked our local councillors to flag up such matters if they affect our locale. *A proposed change of use for Lawries is to be queried.
*The issue of traffic on Loirston Rd. on the bend at what was Posties and the history of the yellow lines was explained. Parked cars acted as a “traffic calming “ measure. Local councillors to investigate. *There followed a discussion of school bus waiting on Loirston Rd., near Loirston Manor, unclear whether this will continue for children going to Lochside Academy. *MMcP, in response to a query from BA , explained the role of our Community Council Planning Representative. There had been rather less major planning applications recently due to the economic downturn. BA said he would consider taking that position.
9. Incoming and Outgoing Mail; many emails had been circulated, * MMcP highlighted the invite to the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood House and suggested Lauren Allanach, if she was interested. * The mediation process after the Incinerator Waste Project Stakeholder walk-out was discussed. *emails from Ian King , interested in CC membership, from Cove Woodland Trust re the progress of their project, from Altens Centre to advise of cooker purchase, from Chris Buckley re website . Also notification of CAN workshops on 5th to 10th February , notification of 2nd meeting of Health and Social Care Locality on 2nd March in the GP Health Centre. There was some discussion of licensing as it affects our area.
10. Cove Chronicle/Website/Facebook; There is a 17th January deadline for submissions for Feb. Chronicle and it is hoped that 27th January at 10.00am in the Library for ‘bundling’. Contact with our website coordinator needs to be made to decide a way forward. The Facebook page is similar to our webpage in that it is an information notice board.
11. Lochside Academy; We are assured that progress is being made regarding ‘Safe Routes’ and travel arrangements for pupils. Neil Hendry is the appointed Headmaster and MMcP is trying to establish contact.
12. Annual Cove Clean-Up; Saturday 28th April was decided on, Tekena to be asked to liaise again. The ACC contact is Lorna Graham. Katrina ( grand-daughter of Marlene) mentioned the issue of plastic bags stuck in trees and of how it was unsightly and could affect wildlife.
13. AGM Arrangements for 5th February were discussed. It had been decided to stick with the Loirston School venue on the grounds of flexibility and cost. It was appreciated that the Haar Rock Café offered to cater for £3.50 per head, but we never knew how many would appear at the AGM. MMcP will arrange foodstuffs and RC the beverages.
14. Reports from Reps. Attending other meetings and sub-committees; * Christmas Tree lights operated reasonably well, thanks to Craig Collie, Raymond Clark and Jane Thomson. Local councillors said that there had been problems with lamp-post features throughout the city. RC to enquire of Scotia. * Christmas concert was very successful, raising over £600. Thanks to Sue Porter and family, Neil Stewart, Elizabeth Bostock and the Altens Hotel for providing the venue. *Farm Trail; MMcP and Lynn Main have met with Ian Tallboys of ACC and located suitable sites.
15. AOCB; *MMcP advised that Lyza Riddell had resigned from the Community council as from 5th December 2017. Her contribution to community life was appreciated. *There was discussion of the renaming of what is commonly called farmer Allan’s Track; from the historical name of South Loirston Rd. There was also much discussion of the merits of erecting a signpost. It was agreed to consult the community on the Facebook page. Councillor Sellar volunteered to make enquiries of the ACC. * RC asked Councillor Nicoll to investigate the accumulation litter at the communal bins behind the Langdykes pub. * Councillor Sellar to look into the maintenance of the bench opposite McColls on Langdykes Rd.

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