Keeping Safe – Mobile Devices at Loirston School. January 2018

In the interest of the safety of both pupils and staff at Loirston School pupils will no longer be allowed to access their mobile devices during the school day. Loirston School has over three hundred pupils in the playground at any one time making it extremely difficult to monitor the usage of any device.
Although we want to promote a positive ethos of trust with regard to the use of mobile devices we have a duty of care to protect children and staff.
If your child must bring his/her phone to school it should be given to a member of staff during registration and collected at the end of the school day. It is not the responsibility of the school to ensure the safety of any devices.
If you need to convey a message to your child during the school day you should contact the office.

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  1. I like this and I’m glad the school is proposing this. Realistically children should not need a phone to school. Phones are a privilege that should be earned not a right! With all the cyber bullying that I’m reading about on the news and watching on Tv I’m hoping that more schools adopt this rule.

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