Loirston School Values Survey

The staff and pupils in the school have been involved in reviewing and redesigning the Values, Aims, and Vision Statement for the school. After a lot of discussion and ideas each class sent a representative with their classes suggestions to have a meeting with Mrs Hidson on 30.11.17. In the meeting all the ideas were shared and discussed and the children shortlisted their preferred ideas to go forward for voting.
All parents, children, staff and stakeholders are invited to vote for what they feel should be the values which will underpin the curriculum and learning journey that each child will go on during their time at Loirston and the Vision Statement they will follow. Children will be voting in their classes and we would like to encourage as many people as possible who engage with the school to also vote.

Please click here to vote.

Voting will close on Friday 15th December at 3.15pm.

Paper copies are available at the front of school and can be posted into the voting box if anyone is having difficulties accessing it online.

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