Loirston Newsletter – Update November 2017

Loirston Newsletter – Update November 2017
Can we remind you that in the interest of the safety of your child please do not use the school car park to drop off or pick up children before or after school. It is acceptable practice if you have made a previous arrangement with the school.
Can we also remind you that in the interest of the safety of all our children please report to the office on arrival at school. The office staff will issue you with a badge which will allow you to walk to your destination. Thank you.
Pupil Support Staff
Following a meeting with the above staff group it has been decided that as of now the pupils should refer to PSA staff using their title i.e.
Mrs…….plus their surname
Miss…..plus their surname
Please see the list below:
Jackie Mrs. Barrister
Susan Miss Canney
Brenda Mrs. Flett
Jane Mrs. Mathieson
Doreen Mrs. Nelson
Linda Mrs. Somers
Morag Mrs. Stachan
Carol Mrs. West
Claire Mrs. Whiffin
Sarah Miss Work
Maureen Mrs. Middleton School Administrator.
We appreciate that this will not change overnight but gradually the pupils will accept the amendment. We very much appreciate your support with this change. Thank you.
Self – Entry

As we approach a colder weather period as of Monday we will be using a ‘self-entry’ system for pupils coming in to school. This means that at the beginning of each day, after break and lunch time, the PSA staff will open the doors for the pupils to enter school. The class teacher will either be in the peg area or in the class area. Thank you.

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  1. Can I ask will the doors be opened when the bell rings or before? Also will the children still be expected to line up? This morning was a bit chaotic as both children and parents were not sure what was happening, and will it be just one door that is opened or both? I’m all for opening the door when the weather is bad to allow pupils to enter however maybe a groupcall to parents on the new entry might have been an idea so we could of at least told our children about it.

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