Children in Need 2017 – The Big Spotacular

Children in Need will take place on Thursday 16th November (as there is an

In-Service day on Friday 17th November).

The P7 classes have organised lots of exciting activities in the hall in the morning.  Classes have been timetabled for this.Morning nursery children can come through from nursery with their parents/carers after the morning session.

Activities will be 50p or 20p.  There are lots of fun things such as Lucky Dip, Beat the Pudsy, Guess the Teacher and many more.

Children in Need are also accepting any old round pounds so if you are like me and haven’t had time to hand in any old pound coins to the bank bring them on Thursday.

Children can also dress up either in spots, yellow or as they please for a donation.

Thank you for your support.

Trish Pert



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