Walk to Lochside

Walk to Lochside

Dear Parents/ Guardians.
With the opening of Lochside Academy due in August 2018, it’s important for us all to consider a safe route to school for our children should they wish to walk or cycle. Loirston Parent Council have been working closely with Local Councillor Sarah Duncan and she has agreed to walk from various areas on Cove on Thursday 12th October starting at 8.30am to identify possible crossing points on Wellington Road. The areas she is thinking of walking from are Cove Crescent, Earnsheugh and Langdykes/ Altens. If you are interested in participating then please contact Fleur Tarling on 07909754131.
Regards, Your Parent Council.

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  1. I think the council should be putting an overpass in place to prevent any accidents from happening. It is absolutely essential for childrens and driver safety.

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