School Bulletin Sept 2017 No. 1

1st September 2017
Welcome back to a busy term here at Loirston. As many of you will have seen, our Inspection Report was published in August. We appreciate the many parental comments of support we have had since publication and the staff team are motivated and enthusiastic about the implementation of the improvements recommended in the report. We have identified 3 main priority areas for improvement for the first half of this session. They are:
1. A full review of the curriculum rationale, which will include how we want pupil learning experiences to develop from Nursery to Primary 7.
2. An update of our Health and Wellbeing progression and planning which will also include a review of our whole school behaviour policy.
3. Further development and implementation of a clear progression in learning, teaching and assessment strategies across the whole school.
We will be able to share development plans in these areas with you soon and would welcome and encourage any feedback and/or support you could offer on them. All staff members will be involved in the creation of the specific action plans and where appropriate, the children will also be involved. We will begin consultation with parents, carers and the wider community on the area of Curriculum Rationale on our Open Day on 28th September – more details below.
Dates for your Diary
5th September: Parent Council AGM 6.30pm
11th September: Primary 1 pupils begin full time
23rd– 26th September: Holiday weekend (School Closed Friday & Monday)
28th September: Open Day for Parents/ Carers
13th October: School closes for October Break
30th October: Term 2 starts
14th November: Parents’Evening (6.30-8.30pm)
16th November: Parents’Evening (3.30-5.30pm)
17th November: Inset Day (School Closed to pupils)

Information Updates
At all times we need to ensure we have up- to- date information regarding the children in our care. With this in mind if you have any updates to give the school could you please ensure that you call/write and let us know. This could be updates of new phone numbers including new mobile contacts, any changes in health (i.e.) allergies developed or other medical conditions such as asthma etc.

Parent Council
Here at Loirston we have a very active Parent Council who raise some much needed funds for the school. They give up much of their free time to support the school and the work they do really is appreciated by all. In the past they have run School Fayres, discos, bingo nights and take charge of all the organising and running of events such as the P7 Prom. They have also secured funding for equipment such as ICT for the school. We are always grateful for their support. Therefore we would like to welcome new parents to come along and join our Parent Council this session. Even if it is only a small amount of time that can be devoted it is always appreciated. Meetings will be scheduled and posted on the Blog. We really do appreciate all their efforts and it makes a real difference to our school. Come along to the AGM on 5th September at 6.30pm and you can find out what it’s all about.

Staff Car Park
I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of access to the staff car park. No parents should park in the staff car park or drop off pupils there. The car park can become very congested. Pupils coming into school through the staff car park are in danger from reversing traffic etc.
Bikes in School
We actively encourage safe cycling to school but could all children please dismount bikes before entering the playground and walk their bike to the cycle racks for safe storage. The beginning and the end of the school day are very busy times in our playground and we want to decrease opportunities for any accidents
Dogs in School
Just a reminder that dogs should not be in the school grounds or tethered to the school property. This is Aberdeen City Council’s policy and as above is in the interests of the health and safety of our children.
Water in School
As part of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, pupils are allowed and encouraged to drink still water freely in the class to prevent dehydration and help children to remain alert. Each pupil can take in a named water bottle which they can fill up at the water fountains. Please ensure bottles are filled with still water only.
A reminder that here at Loirston we try to be eco-friendly at all times and all relevant information will be published on our Blog. There is a lot of information available to parents and carers on the blog.
However, we are currently in the process of updating our blog and new information will be available soon about any changes to accessing the new blog.

Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Pert and Miss Anderson 

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