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Eco Meeting – 05.10.10


PRESENT:        Mrs MacCallum, Carol West, Linda Somers, Calum, Jack, Tony, Lauren, Craig, Zoe P, Megan, Caitlin, Jamie.


APOLOGISE:  Erin, Charlotte


Mrs MacCallum told everyone that a new display board had been ordered for our Eco Committee and that it would be suitably placed at the front of the school.


Ideas for the campaign;


Zoe said the class had suggested posters; they also did a vote and found that they wanted more bins.  They also thought about a “special day”, this could be in the form of wearing what you please and paying for the privilege of doing so.  We could also call this a “Green Day”.


Megan gave us lots of ideas.  More signs, doing a reward scheme, i.e. to see which unit could help keep the school the tidiest.  Each unit could do posters and the winner from each unit could be made into banners.  Also suggested was a poster of John the Janitor not looking too happy and asking if we could help him.


Lauren again asked for more bins.  She suggested that they took photos of the playground and the litter and then took the photos again a couple of weeks later. We could then compare the photos and see what an improvement there was.   The P7’s along with Mrs Campbell-Morgan are going to organise the Super Clubs.


Linda contacted the Council and they said that they would not put a plastic bottle recycle bin outside the school.


It was decided to tell the whole school at assembly about the campaign and that we could possibly get a guest speaker to come to that.  Linda will look into this.


We are going to set a date in the near future to try for a week to do a bottle recycle.  Mrs MacCallum said that she would take the bottle to the recycle bins at the shops.


A decision was made to do a poster competition.  Everyone in the school would do one on A4 paper.  Once the winners were decided the rest of them could go into a book form and left at the front of the school so that anyone that came in could look at them.   A guest will decide who the winners are.


Posters can be displayed at the shops, in the library, chemist, doctor’s surgery, dentist, at the Annexe and at Altens Community Centre.


Mrs MacCallum will ask Miss McDonald when we can have an assembly.


Our next meeting is to be arranged and would likely be 2 or 3 weeks after the October holidays.

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