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Primary 1 Meeting – Information

Below is the information discussed at the information meeting on Friday 25th August.

  • Naming -Please make sure that your child has their belongings clearly named including water bottles, bags, jackets, items of clothing and packed lunch box when they come for lunches.
  • Gym kits – children should have a named draw string bag that has gym shoes and gym shorts both named.  Gym kits will be given home at the end of every term in order for shorts to be washed and gym shoes checked as feet often grow very quickly at this stage.
  • Trial Parent/Child Lunch – you are invited to attend a trial lunch with your child on either the 5th, 6th or 7th of September.  Information from the catering service will be given to you this coming week. Please remember to check your child’s bag.  This information will include a menu and the price of the lunch.  If you wish to attend one of the lunches with your child please decide on which day you would like and write your name and your child’s name and class on the lists at the front of the school.  These lists will be there from Monday.  Please pay your lunch before the date you choose and send your money to school in a clearly marked envelope with the return slip that is included in your pack.
  • Homework – The Primary 1 children will begin their phonic homework the week beginning 28th August. Your child will bring home a folder on Monday to return to school on Friday.  In the folder are two booklets.  The first booklet contains the sounds the children are learning that week and will be clearly marked.  The second booklet contains words that can be made from the sounds learned that week.  Two sounds will be taught each week – one on Monday and one on Tuesday and consolidated during the rest of the week. It is advisable that you spread the homework tasks over the course of the week to return back to school on Friday. Instructions for completing the homework tasks are found at the beginning of each booklet.
  • If your child finds the homework stressful or difficult please get in touch with the class teacher.  We do not want homework to become a battle.  If your child finds it difficult to write the sounds please practice the sound and the action.  There will be a curriculum evening organised within the next few weeks that will explain the primary 1 curriculum in more detail.
  • Just a reminder that for the next two weeks the children will attend from 9am-12.30pm and full time starts on Monday 11th September 9am  12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3.15pm.  Remember that your child will require a pocket snack every day.
  • I will post the photographs of the children’s first couple of days at the beginning of the week so if you do not wish your child to be on the blog please let me know by Monday.
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