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Dear Parents/Carers

Term 2 is now underway with many events planned. Some of the important days are as follows:-

17th November                   Children in Need

This event will be organized by P7 pupils and more information will follow. 

18th November                   In-Service Day

21st November                   Scottish Book Week

More information to follow

28th November                   Book fair in school

2nd December                     Christmas Panels due in hall

3rd December                     Christmas Fayre in school hall

5th December                      Foodbank starts

Donations can be brought into school

6th December                      Book Fair ends

12th December                   Nativity Dress Rehearsal                2pm

13th December                   Nativity Performance 9.30am Donations to Cash for Kids

14th December                   Nativity Performance 2pm Donations to Cash for Kids

15th December                   Christmas Singalong 9.30am Donations to Cash for Kids

16th December                   Christmas Jumper Day Donations-Charity to be decided

16th December                   School Christmas Lunch

19th December                   P3-4 Party pm

20th December                   P1-2 Party pm

21st December                    Nursery Parties all day

22nd December                   Christmas Assembly 10am

22nd December                   P5-7 Disco pm

23rd December                   Informal Concert               am

Parents’ Evening

Appointment times will be with you this week. Mrs Downie will be in the hall on both 8th and 10th November demonstrating options for a Healthy Packed Lunch.

Staffing Updates

I will be starting part time this week, initially 4 days a week and, on the days I’m not here, Mrs Pert will be Acting Head Teacher.

In-Service Day

During the in-service day on the18th November the staff will be engaged in Maths training and looking at how best to meet the needs of all our learners particularly in Numeracy and Literacy.

Open Day and Learning Journeys

At our recent open day we helped many parents access our Learning Journeys, using the ILD website. If anyone is still having problems, please email Miss Anderson at katranderson@aberdeencity.gov.uk

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is going very well with staff and pupils already feeling improved fitness and alertness. Because of the amount of vehicles using the front of the school, we will be coning off that area while the Daily Mile is in progress each day. Please do not drop your children off at the front door or park there at the end of the day as this is a Health and Safety risk and taxis need access to the area.

Dogs in School

Despite previous reminders, we still encounter dog mess in our playground. This can pose a serious health risk. Dogs should not be in the school grounds or tethered to the school property. This is Aberdeen City Council’s policy and as above is in the interests of the health and safety of our children.

School Lunches

The school will be moving to a cashless catering system early next year and more information will be given to parents from Aberdeen City Council. We will have a trial day later this month which will not require you to do anything. Please make sure that any outstanding dinner tickets have been paid for prior to us starting the cashless catering.

Class News

We have all been working hard and learning a lot this session so far. Here are some of our highlights.

Primary 1 pupils have all been learning their sounds and starting to write.

Primary 2 have been doing particularly well in number work.

Primary 3 have been working hard and being good citizens to earn reward stickers.

Primary 3 – 4 and 4 have worked very well in drama and put together a mini Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play.

Primary 4/5 have been doing some exciting science and craft activities.

Primary 5 have been working hard to learn about the Titanic and built some fantastic models.

Primary 6 have also been working hard to learn about all the different organs in the body and how they work.

Primary 6/7 and 7 are taking a unique opportunity to see a performance in the Tivoli Theatre.

Some of our Yellow 8 pupils have been using the Wildlife garden to help inspire their writing

New academy

Our Primary 6 pupils, who will be the first pupils at the new academy, have started to take part in transition activities which will be ongoing throughout the year. They are also helping to make decisions about the name.

School Website

Just a reminder that this news bulletin and lots more information is also available at http://loirstonconnect.edublogs.org/

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