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Parents reading this on the blog should just write a letter or print the form . 


Dear Parents,


P6 have created a business called Café Français 2008.  Our French Café will be open to all pupils in the school on 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th June.  We will be serving crêpes and orange juice at the cost of £1 each. All classes will visit the café at some time and we will let you know when it is. You could send the £1 to school any time from now.


The café is also open to parents on 20th and 27th June at 12:30pm. We can only serve 20 customers at any one-day. So, if you want to come, fill in the reply at the bottom of this letter.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. You will be served Soupe à l’oignon (French Onion Soup) and Croque Monsieur (cheesy toast) at a cost of £4.50.  The waiters and kitchen staff will be P5 and P6 children who will serve you while speaking French.


We will also have on sale a selection of chocolates and an international cookbook.

We hope to see you at our French Café.


Yours Sincerely







Please fill in this reply slip and return to your child as soon as possible and we will collect it from them.  Please return slip by Friday 13th June.


Please tick the appropriate box –


I would like to attend the French Café on




Friday 20th June at 12:30




Friday 27th June at 12:30


Signed ____________________________________  Date ____________________


Parent/Guardian of ______________________________ Class ________________

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