Recorder Tuition for P4 Pupils

To Parents of P4 Pupils


Dear Parents,




Part of the 5-14 Guidelines for music, issued by the Scottish Office, states that at Level B it is appropriate to learn a musical instrument and Mrs. Brockley, music specialist, undertakes to teach recorder to all our P4 and P5 pupils.


As a result of this we ask parents to support this part of the curriculum by providing their child with a recorder.  These cost between £6 and £12 in shops but, by buying in bulk, school can buy them and sell to you for £5.


Some children may already have a recorder at home and Mrs. Brockley will be pleased to advise whether or not it is suitable.


Children will be asked to do some practising at home – a few minutes at a time, two or three times a week.


The majority of children enjoy this experience and they will have the opportunity to continue in a recorder group in future years.


Please complete and return the attached slip by 21st January 2008.


Yours sincerely,




Head Teacher




Please tick as appropriate:-


I require to buy a recorder from school and enclose £5


I do not require to buy a recorder from school


Signed_____________________________________ Parent/Guardian of


Child’s Name__________________________________ Class_______________

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