Wildlife Garden and Nursery Play Area

In the interests of health & safety we would like to make you aware that every Thursday and Friday a “ForestSchool” is in progress in the WildlifeGarden.


The group involves parents, staff and children from the school. They use equipment such as saws and hammers and it would be advisable not to let your children access this area on these days.


When the “ForestSchool” is in progress there is a sign outside the WildlifeGarden to notify people of this.  At this time of the year there are often be other classes working in the WildlifeGarden so please be aware of this as we would wish to avoid any accidents.


After Nursery sessions many of you use the Nursery play area. We do not mind this at all but we have already tidied the area for the afternoon children. It would be very helpful to us if you would ensure that any equipment your child uses could be tidied up before you leave.


Thank You


Depute Head Teacher