School Photographer

22nd January 2008  Dear Parent, 

School Photographer

 The school photographer will be in school on Tuesday 5th February.  This year individual and/or family group photographs will be taken. The organisation of this day is a fairly major undertaking and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated in returning the attached slip by Thursday 31st January.  The returning of this slip will allow us to timetable the taking of the photographs.  We want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible with minimal disruption to learning.  Please try to return the slip by Thursday. The collation and organisation of the returned slips will be done, and approximate times given to those who wish pre-school children included.  Please help us by returning this slip by 31st January. It should be noted that family groups refer to children and DO NOT INCLUDE parents/adults. This letter is issued to the oldest child in each family.  Only one form should be filled in for each family. Thank you for your co-operation and I look forward to seeing the finished products.  Yours sincerely, M. S. MCPHEE Depute Head Teacher             Names of Pupil(s)               Class(es)                  N.B.    if Nursery please state                                                                                                a.m. or p.m. ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________   Please tick 1 of the following:- 

 Individual photographs only  
Family group only (no) pre school children)  
 Family group only (with pre school children)  
 Individual and family group (no pre school children)  
 Individual and family group (with pre school children)  

  N.B.    Family groups with a pre-school child (i.e. a child not at Loirston Nursery or primary school) will be taken in the morning therefore it will be necessary for afternoon nursery children to be brought in the morning if they are to be taken as part of a family group.  This must be returned by Thursday 31st January so that arrangements canbe made and a time returned to you for family groups on Tuesday 5thFebruary. Thank you for your co-operation.

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