Purchase of Lunch Tickets

17/01/2008Dear Parents and Carers As you will be aware Mrs. Thom is absent on sick leave and I have been asked to support the school during this period. I would like to say thank you to everyone at Loirston School for the warm welcome I have been given.  Over the coming weeks I will be working with the staff in school as we begin the process of moving forward after the visit from Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education. One of my first tasks will be reviewing Health Safety and Security in school. Staff in school have begun the process of reviewing security and I am aware that there is a pilot running currently regarding the sale of lunch tickets. I intend to monitor this and will be consulting with pupils, school staff and catering staff on the pilot arrangements. In order to safeguard your child parents who use a cheque book should please send a cheque with their child in a sealed envelope with their child’s name, class and the amount clearly marked on the outside on Mondays. I am aware that a few parents who do not operate a cheque book are concerned about their very young children being responsible for cash. I have suggested to them that they bring the money to the school office in a sealed envelope. We will pass the envelope to catering staff who will issue tickets to the child. I would welcome any other comments or suggestions from parents and carers on this issue.  Regards   June Stewart

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