School Christmas Parties Update

9th December 2008  



Dear Parents/Carers





This is an update about the forthcoming Christmas parties at school.


Nursery parties will be on Monday 15th – details have been issued.


Primary 1-2 party will be on Tuesday 16th.


Primary 3-4 party will be on Wednesday 17th.


Primary 5/6/7 disco will be on Thursday 18th.



The primary 1-7 parties will be in the afternoon of the identified day and will commence 15 minutes after the start of afternoon school.  This allows for “changing time” of school lunch pupils who may wish to get into their glad rags for the party.


If a change of clothes is brought, please stress to your child that they should remember to pack school clothes in a bag and to take them home at the end of school.


Pupils going home for lunch on the day of their party should not return to school until 1.15pm or 1.30pm, whichever is appropriate.


Yours sincerely



M McPhee

Depute head Teacher

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