Mrs Tosh Retires!

Today, our school administrator, Mrs Gillian Tosh retired after being at our school for 27 years.  She was usually one of the first into school every day and was always there to take the early morning phone calls from people who were informing the school of an illness, or looking for information about school or getting all the information ready for going out to families. She was an absolute ‘WHIZZ’ at keeping the finances and teachers in order!

The pupil council and children representing Primaries 1 and 2 and the Nursery went to see her today to say thank you for all her hard work for our school and to wish her a very, very happy retirement. Aimee, chairperson of the pupil council presented her with a Christmas wreath and Jay from the Nursery gave her all the money we had collected for her so that she can buy herself something nice.  By the way, Jay’s mum had been a pupil at the school some years before, so Mrs Tosh knew lots and lots of children over the years!

We say a really BIG thank you to Mrs. Tosh and wish her lots of long sleepy mornings when she doesn’t have to get up so early to come to work. 

All our love and best wishes for the future from all the boys and girls you have known at Loirston School.


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