December Newsletter




Dear Parents,


No doubt you will all be so busy just now making preparations for Christmas.  It is such an exciting time, particularly for the younger children.  In school you can feel the anticipation building.


HMIe Follow Up Visit

Two members of HMIe will visit Loirston School on Wednesday 10th December 2008.  Following their visit there will be a written report which will be sent to parents.


Switching on the Christmas Tree Lights in Cove

Traditionally pupils who were interested in switching on the Christmas tree lights in Cove filled out a slip and then one name was pulled out.  This year, because of time constraints, we have put the name of every child in the school into a hat and pulled one out.  The child who has been selected is Logan Paterson in P4A.


Christmas Fayre

Thank you to all who contributed in any way to the success of the Christmas Fayre.  It was wonderful to see so many people on such a cold day.  We will let you know the final amount raised once all the expenses are paid.


A special thanks to the I-Time craft group.  They raised an astonishing £55.00.  This money will pay for a small farm and a year’s schooling for a child in an underdeveloped country


Book Fair

There was great interest in the Book Fair.  We made £1587.51 which is just fantastic.  The school get 60% of this total to spend on books.  We have selected a variety of fiction and non-fiction books as well as some dictionaries.


And finally………………….

Sadly, today we say goodbye to Mrs Gillian Tosh, our School Administrator.  She has been a loyal friend to Loirston School.  She started here when the school opened 27 years ago.  I’m sure she is looking forward to a few long lies and not having to face the Cove roundabout.  We wish her a long and happy retirement.  On your behalf I would like to thank her for her loyalty to the school and for always going that extra mile.


Louise McIntosh

Head Teacher


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