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7th November 2008



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Vacant Posts

Currently we have two teaching vacancies at Loirston School, one full time equivalent at Primary 4 and 0.6 full time equivalent at Primary 5.  Both posts have been advertised on a fixed term basis until 3rd April 2009.  The closing date for applicants is November 17th 2008.  At present we welcome Mr William Ness to the school.  He is covering the 0.6 f.t.e. post in Primary 5 on a temporary basis.  Mrs Norma Fowler continues to teach P4B.


Crossing Patrol Attendants

We are still trying to recruit relief Crossing Patrol Attendants.  Unfortunately we have been unsuccessful to date.  So, if anyone fancies fulfilling their lifelong ambition to carry the hallowed lollipop wearing a rather fetching uniform, complete with hat and fluorescent vest, please contact us at school.


P7 Science Visits to Kincorth Academy

The pupils in both P7 classes will have an opportunity to participate in a block of science lessons at Kincorth Academy.  They will attend on a Thursday from 1.25 – 2.20 p.m. for a four week block.  The children in P7B have now started their block.  Those in P7A will go at the start of next term.



It has been confirmed by HMIe that there will be a return visit on Wednesday 10th December.


High Visibility Vests

We would like to convey our thanks to Mrs Deborah Archibald for securing the funding to purchase high visibility vests for the children.  Now that the nights are getting so dark and taking into consideration the fact that we don’t have crossing patrol attendants, this is the time to issue them to the pupils.


Louise McIntosh


Head Teacher

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