Nativity Costumes for Primary 1 Children

It’s nearly Christmas time again and the children are busily getting organised to perform their Nativity for you. The Nativity is on the afternoon of Monday December 7th and the morning of Tuesday December 8th, information regarding tickets to follow.

We would be very grateful if you could help us in the costume department. The P1 children are asked to dress as Angels or Shepherds. Please don’t buy costumes, white tights/trousers and a large white T-shirt plus tinsel for head will be quite adequate for angels. A dressing gown for shepherds and tea towel to cover their heads will be perfect. Please put the costumes in a clearly labelled bag.

It would be really helpful if your child could bring these items into school by Monday 30th November and keep their costumes in school to allow for a couple of ‘dress rehearsals’.

Please get in touch if you have any queries and thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,


Primary 1 Trip to Satrosphere

The three Primary 1 classes will be going to Satrosphere Science Centre on Wednesday 18th November as part of their environmental studies. They will be looking at “Floating & Sinking”.

 They will leave school at 9.15 am and travel by coach to Satrosphere and return to school after lunchtime.

 As the children will be out over lunchtime, they should bring a packed lunch with them on the day and if they are entitled to Free School Meals, one will be provided for them (please indicate this on the tear-off slip below).  The children may also bring a small snack with them (no fizzy drinks please).

 This trip is being funded by Satrophere and Aberdeen City Council therefore we are not asking for a contribution towards the trip.

 If your child has any specific medical needs of which we should be aware, please note these below.

 We are looking for adult helpers for the trip so if you are available please indicate this on the slip below.

 Insurance position for pupils – Parents should be aware of details contained in the School Information Booklet which states that pupils are not covered by Council insurance for injury, damage to property or personal loss unless negligence can be proved.  If parents wish to take out personal cover for their children at very reasonable cost (which covers them for 24 hours of every day in the year) they can contact the Headteacher who has information available.




 CHILD’S NAME ___________________________________CLASS ______________________

 I have read and accept the arrangements for my child to participate in the school trip to Satrosphere Science Centre on 18.11.09 and I understand the insurance position.

 My child is entitled to and would require a Free School Meal on the day.  YES  /  NO

 I am available to help YES / NO  Name ___________________  Tel ______________

 SIGNED PARENT/CARER _________________________________ DATE ________________

First Class Photos

1st September 2009

 First Class Photo – Evening Express

As you are aware, the Primary 1 children were due to have their photo taken today which would be published in the Evening Express in the near future. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outwith our control, this has not been possible.

We have re-scheduled this for the morning of Monday 7th September.

Mrs Senior Primary P1B

You will probably have been aware that Mrs Ritchie has been taking P1B full time since the Christmas holidays and you may have wondered what has happened to Mrs Senior.


Happily she is expecting not one, or two but three babies!!  As you can imagine, this is physically putting rather a strain on Mrs Senior. She has taken medical advice and gone on extended sick leave until she begins her maternity leave.


We know that the children will miss her and that you will wish her all the best for the impending rather large addition to her family.


We all look forward to seeing the triplets once they are here and I am sure that Mrs Senior will try to make every effort (with an army of helpers) to visit the children in P1B.


In the meantime Mrs Ritchie has full responsibility for P1B.  The children are already used to Mrs Ritchie taking the class and have easily adapted to the change in circumstances.


If you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Nativity – Photos




The children are getting very excited about next week and are looking and sounding wonderful.


For both performances of the Nativity you should enter through the Red Unit Door only.  You should hand over your tickets there.  Some P7 children will collect the donations for charity.    


At the end of the Nativity please leave by the Blue Unit door.  We will have photographs on display in the corridor of every child in P1 and P2 with their Nativity costume on.  These will be available for you to purchase at a cost of £2.  This money will go to school funds.


I am instructed by the local Authority Legal & Democratic Services Department to advise you that filming and photographing the Nativity will be permitted during the performance.


Any parent who does not want their child/children photographed/filmed are advised to withdraw their child from the event and take them home for the duration of the performance.


Please contact me in writing before the event if you intend to withdraw your child.


Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



Hope you enjoy the Nativity.


Yours sincerely,




Depute Head Teacher



Christmas Nativity

Dear Parents of P1 and P2 Pupils,


The children would like to invite you to see their Christmas Nativity, ‘The Bossy King’.  The children have all worked very hard and look forward to performing for you.


We expect demand for seats to be high, so two performances have been scheduled for –


Monday 8th December at 2 p.m.


Tuesday 9th December at 9.30 a.m.


Because our school hall has a restricted seating capacity, tickets will be issued to keep a check on numbers.


If you would like the children to help you get in the Christmas spirit, please return the reply slip indicating your preferred day and number of tickets required.  Unfortunately a maximum of three tickets only can be issued per family initially, any spares will be then issued on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


Although there is no charge for the tickets, a collection will be taken.


The children are asked to design tickets this year.  Because it is such a busy time it is difficult to hear reading as often as usual so I ask that you bear with us.


Dressing the children prior to each performance is usually a race against time.  If you would like to help your child’s class in this area please let the class teacher know by indicating on the return slip.


I hope you will be able to attend and that you enjoy the performance.



Depute Head Teacher





It is important that returns are sent back by Friday 28th November so remaining tickets can be offered and allocated.


Child’s Name_________________________________  Class___________________



I would like                ticket/s for Monday 8th December at 2 p.m.




I would like                  ticket/s for Tuesday 9th December at 9.30 a.m.