Mobile Phones in School

Because of rapid developments and changes in technology recently, I would like to remind you about the rules we have in school at the moment regarding mobile phones and other electronic devices such as ipod touches.

If your child needs to bring a device to school it must be switched off when they arrive in the school playground and remain switched off until 3.15 except in extenuating circumstances, if a teacher has given permission for it to be switched on.

Pupils will no longer be allowed to have their devices outside at playtime or lunchtime.

If a pupil is worried about the security of their device they should not bring it to school. It is the child’s own responsibility to look after it.

If pupils need to contact home they can do so via the school office.

We thank you for your support and would appreciate if you discuss this with your child.

S. Campbell-Morgan

Acting Depute

Primary 1 Christmas Cracker Survey

As part of our toys topic primary 1 are going to be making handmade crackers. Each cracker will contain a hat, 2 pocket money toys, a temporary christmas tattoo, a sweet and that authentic cracker snap! We have attached a picture showing some of the items that could be in your cracker. We are carrying out this survey to gain an idea of how many crackers we need to make. We are really keen to start production soon and we would like the survey to be completed by Friday 14th November.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at our cracker stall.

Please click the link below to access our 2 question survey:

Face Painting

Face Painting-Golden Time


Face painting will be one of the Golden Time Choices from next Friday 3 rd October for P1-4.

If you are concerned that your child may be allergic or do not wish your child to take part please contact the school on 01224 897686 or complete the slip below


I do not wish my child to take part in Face Painting for Golden Time


Name of Pupil____________________________Class____________


Parent/ Carer Signature_____________________________________

Loirston School Bulletin No. 11


Tel:  897686      June 2014





Dear Parents/Carers

Dates for your Diary

12/6 – Open Day

14/6 – Cove Gala

19/6 and 20/6 – P7 Kincorth Transition Visits

23/6/14 – Sports Day

03/07/ – P7 Leavers Assembly

Nursery and Primary One Induction

Many thanks to all who came along to both of our induction evenings over the last two weeks.  We hope you found the information useful.  Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Open Day – Celebrating our Achievements

Next week on the 12th of June we would like to extend an invitation to all parents/carers/family members to come along to our Open Day.  The purpose of the Open Day is for you to come and see your child in their class and have a look over the work they have been carrying out over the year.  Pupils may show you their jotter work, displays on the wall or work they have completed on the computer.  For parents of pupils coming into Primary One we would like to extend an invitation for you to come along and see our current Primary One class at work.  Times are as follows:

9.30 – 10.30am or 1.45 – 2.45pm

Kincorth Transition Visits

As you will be aware our transition visits are organised for the 19th and 20th of this month.  We realise that this is the same timing as our leavers event in the evening.  Unfortunately the P7 leavers event is organised a year in advance and Kincorth gave us the dates for the transition last month. However I am sure the pupils will enjoy their academy visits and go on to enjoy their event on the Friday evening.

Cove Gala

We are looking forward to the Gala soon.  Hopefully the nice weather we have been having will continue and it will be a fun filled, great day out!

Sports Day

Our sports day will be on the 23rd of June this session (weather permitting)  Should the weather not be suitable we will Groupcall as early as possible to let you know.  If Monday does not go ahead we will aim for Tuesday, Wednesday etc, depending on the weather.  The theme this year is the Commonwealth Games and pupils have been allocated into Countries for their teams.  On Monday the day will run as follows:

9.30am – P1-3 Opening Ceremony, warm up and Sports activities on the field.

11.00am Flat races on the field for all pupils

1.30pm – Warm up and Sports activities on the field for P4-7

Pupils will be allowed to dress in the colour associated to their country for sports day and you will receive a letter detailing this very soon.

Reward Schemes

We are reaching the end of our Fruit intiative and we will announce the winning class as soon as the final figures have been tallied.  So far we have had a very enthusiastic response from our pupils.  Also with regard to our walking to school campaign, the figures so far suggest an enthusiasm in approach.  Also our Reading challenges have been going exceptionally well.  Already I have given out many Bronze, silver and Gold certificates and even Four extreme readers.  On behalf of all at Loirston ,we would like to say a big “Thank You” to all for your support.


Parent Council

As you will be aware our Parent Council raise a great deal of funds through all their activities throughout the year including the Christmas Fayre, Bingo nights, Discos etc   As a result of their hard work  and efforts we have managed to purchase a new PA System for our school.  Many thanks to all who continue to support the school, we really appreciate it.


Leavers Assembly

Our Primary Seven pupils would like to invite their Parents/Carers to their end of term Leavers Assembly at 9.50am on Thursday 3rd July. 


Staffing for Session 2014-2015

We are currently awaiting a final decision from the local authority with regard to whether we have twelve or thirteen classes next session in the school alongside our Nursery classes.  As soon as we have this information we will look to allocating pupils and staff accordingly.  We hope to have this exercise completed in the next two weeks.


Road Safety

A message of caution with regard to pupils and Road Safety. On Monday at Assembly we went over the message of Road Safety with all our pupils.  It had been brought to our attention that there have been a number of pupils playing inappropriately around the road side and we would want to promote their safety.  We would appreciate your support in reinforcing this message.  The latest statistics suggest that over 1500 primary aged pupils are involved in accidents each year and a large percentage of these accidents occur between 3pm and 6pm, especially when pupils are on their way home from school or playing outside in the local community.  Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Kay MacDonald

























A big thank you from P1a and P1b!

A big thank you to everyone who came to the toy shop today.  We were struggling to keep up with the demand!

All the P1’s who were involved really enjoyed themselves.

It looks like we have made a profit of over £250!

The children will get a chance to decide what to use the money for.

A big thank you again for helping us make it such a success.

Miss Anderson and Mrs MacCallum