Junk Request!

Many thanks to those who brought in junk for P1-3 to use during golden time after the last request.  They have made so many amazing models that we are almost out of junk!

If you have any old packaging, boxes, plastic bottles etc that could be used to make models can put it in a bag for your child to bring in to school.  Also if you have anything else you think p1-3 would love to use for their models such as scraps of material, left over craft resources or scrap wrapping paper feel free to send that in to.  I’m sure P1-3 will put it to good use!

Many Thanks for your help.

Miss Anderson


  After a successful tasting session, P3A & P3B are all ready to sell their pizzas and pitchers at the upcoming Sports Day.

They have continued the Olympic theme and linked their pizzas to three participating countries and will be selling them at the bargain price of £1 per slice.        

As well as being very healthy for you the pitchers have been inspired by some of the colours of the Olympic rings and will be on sale at 50p per cup.

You will be able to purchase and enjoy your pizza and pitcher during the flat races between 11.00 and 12.30. P7s will be helping by carrying trays of pizza and the pitchers to you whilst you enjoy the races. If however, after smelling the wonderful aroma and you can’t wait, there will also be a stall in the playground.

Fingers crossed for good weather and don’t forget your money,