Dear Parents,


The children are getting very excited about this week and are looking and sounding wonderful.

For both performances of the Nativity you should enter through the Main Door only. You should hand over your tickets there. Some P7 children will collect the donations for charity.

At the end of the Nativity please leave by the Blue Unit door. We will have photographs on display in the corridor of every child in P1 and P2 with their Nativity costume on. These will be available for you to purchase at a cost of £2. This money will go to school funds.

I am instructed by the local Authority Legal & Democratic Services Department to advise you that filming and photographing the Nativity will be permitted during the performance.

Any parent who does not want their child/children photographed/filmed are advised to inform the school where alternative arrangements can be made for them during the performance.

Please contact me in writing before the event if you do not want your child to be involved in filming etc.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Hope you enjoy the Nativity.

Yours sincerely,


Depute Head Teacher

Shoebox – KAFKHA Appeal

Last Christmas, we received overwhelming support from parents, pupils and the Cove community for our Shoebox Appeal.  The delight of the many children who had been victims of war was highlighted in the photographs and video given to school.

Loirston School is again keen to support the charity, Kids Acting for Kids Abroad and Home (KAFKAH).  This year’s shoeboxes will enrich the children of Kosovo whose lives have been disrupted by war.  There are two ways that you can donate to the appeal.  The first is to pack your own shoebox.  The second is to provide donations which will be packed by our pupils or KAFKAH.  The charity advises us that it is helpful if your box is labelled to state whether it is for a boy or a girl and for which age group – baby, 2-4, 5-7, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 or teen, it would be most suited to. 

Could we ask that, where possible, shoeboxes be wrapped at home?  This would help us considerably.

Donations can take the form of pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, notepads, colouring items, games, CDs, tapes and especially toiletries, jewellery, hair/nail stuff, new clothes, socks, hats, gloves, toys, small cuddly toys, sweets (but no chocolate).  In fact, anything that can fit in a shoebox. Last year KAFKAH were particularly short of pencil sharpeners and toothpaste!

It would also be helpful if a donation of £2.00 (which can be taped to the outside of the box) be given towards the charity’s transportation costs.

KAFKAH are collecting the boxes from school on 3rd  December so we would be grateful if they could be handed in before then. 

Thank you for your continued support.