Outdoor Learning

We are asking parents/ carers to support us by not entering the Wildlife Garden in our playground when lessons are taking place in there. We have an excellent stock of Loose Parts for outdoor education and the outdoor environment is carefully timetabled for all classes. Lessons focus on problem solving, team building and many curricular areas. It becomes more difficult for us to maintain engagement and ensure safety when parents/ carers enter.

Coronavirus Update

You will be aware from today’s media that the coronavirus has been now been linked to Shell in Aberdeen.  This should not cause alarm, Shell will be working very proactively to support the member of staff and Public Health will be looking at any associated risks.  We would like to remind you that the advice from Aberdeen City Council is that there is no need for any pupil to self-isolate unless they have travelled to one of the risk areas or if the NHS has advised this course of action.
We will keep you fully updated as soon as the situation changes.