Day 1

Good Morning Parents and Carers,
I hope that you have all had the best possible weekend under the circumstances.
Loirston Staff have been busy preparing activities for your children and you will be hearing from the teachers throughout the week either on the Google classroom and ILD for P4-7 or the ILD for younger pupils. We will blog regularly and hope to post work on Twitter. So please send us photos of what you are doing at home. These can be uploaded to Google or the ILD.
It is very important that you remember though that there is no need for your child to be completing written tasks constantly between 9am and 3pm. Nor do we expect or want any pupil to be at a computer constantly.
At school your child has breaks, PE, takes part in creative tasks, works in groups, has discussions, watches educational videos, chats to their friend and occasionally just switches off.
Please allow them plenty breaks. Mrs Greenhill will be posting lots of active ideas so that your child can take part in those. Please let them go with their interests and creative side. Cook with them, let them play with lego, take breaks outside (socially distant), let them read books, use audiobooks, teach them new skills-it should not be all about sitting writing or on a computer. Enjoy this time together.
Please also get in touch if you have any queries about your child’s learning or if ww can help in any other way.
I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that Mrs Bushell has decided to return to Canada in the light of current conditions. She will not be returning to school so Mrs Hidson will continue to lead the learning for the pupils in Primary 5. We are very sorry that Mrs Bushell has had to leave us like this and that we did not have time to give her a good send off.
We will be in touch again soon!
Acting Head Teacher

Wear a Hat Day

We have been thinking of ways that we can remain ‘normal’ in this closure period.  We would like to suggest ways that we can come together as a school community.  For the first activity we are going to continue with the ‘Wear a Hat Day’ for Brain Tumour Research and Charlie House on Friday 3rd April in memory of Amy Lornie.  Pupils and Staff will be encouraged to make or wear a hat and post a photograph and, with your permission, we would share these photographs on Twitter.

We would also ask for donations but do realise that families could be struggling financially at this time so are under no obligation to do this.  Donations should be given via a Justgiving Page that will be set up by Amy’s mum.

There will be other ways that we can all stay connected as it is important to let the children know that they are still a part of Loirston School even if they are not physically there.

We are not disappearing and will be constantly in touch with the children and yourselves.  If there are any queries or concerns please e-mail  Your e-mail will then be passed on to the correct member of staff who will then contact you.

We will miss all our pupils and are thinking of you all. Please take care!!

Coronavirus Update

We continue to take Government and Authority advice and will update you as soon as we hear anything new.
It is important that pupils do not come to school if they have symptoms such as a new continuous cough or a fever/ high temperature. This may make them feel warm, cold or shivery. Please continue to take advice from

Following government advice yesterday, it is important that pupils stay at home for seven days if they display any symptoms.


Members of a household where someone has suspected symptoms should stay at home for 14 days.

From tomorrow, we are asking all pupils to come to school with a refillable water bottle.