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March 2008 Newsletter

Loirston School Newsletter                               March 2008

Here we are at the end of another school term. Where does the time go? I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents and staff for making this term such a busy and productive one. The children have worked and played hard, made good progress and have achieved a great deal both personally and for the school as a whole. We all are ready for a well-earned rest and maybe the odd Easter Egg!  HMIe Report –A copy of the report is being sent home with this newsletter. As you will see Her Majesty’s Inspectors identified four key strengths of the school –

  • Nursery children’s progress in key aspects of the curriculum
  • The relationships between staff and children across the school and nursery
  • The support given to pupils within the additional support needs base
  • The innovative use of the school’s website to communicate with parents and develop homework activities

School staff have already begun the process of planning to meet the main points for action and will form the basis of this year’s School Improvement Plan. We will be working on

  • Developing the leadership across the school and ensure effective teamworking at all levels
  • Reviewing and developing curricular programmes to enrich pupils’ learning, ensure progression and raise attainment
  • Developing effective planning which enables teachers to better meet the needs of all pupils
  • Introducing effective self evaluation to improve the quality of learning and teaching across the school
  • Developing a shared vision for the school which supports and improves all aspects of school practice

 On our In Service Day in February staff worked on a number of teambuilding exercises. We also agreed a set of values for Loirston School – (see box below). These will be shared with pupils in the near future and meantime we would welcome any comments from parents.


Loirston School is welcoming and supportive. A place where we value

Learning and Teaching

Honesty and Integrity

Co-operation, Understanding and RespectIndividuality, Well-being And Fun

Staffing MattersMrs Thom continues to be absent from school on sick leave. Mrs Aitken, our P.E. teacher will be off until the end of term. We all wish them both a speedy recovery. Welcome back to Kath our school cook and many thanks to Linda for managing so well during Kath’s absence.  Other itemsStaff and pupils have been discussing and agreeing a set of playground rules and sanctions. This has been necessary to ensure we are all working together when managing children’s behaviour in the playground. So far we have discussed the matter of children bringing personal belongings like MP3 players, mobile phones and other games to school. Parents are requested to support the following advice. Personal property and belongings –  please leave all items of value at home. School cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of such personal belongings. If personal belongings become the cause of disharmony or are used in bullying incidents, school staff will instruct pupils to leave them in the classroom.Mobile Phones – same advice as above and additionally if a phone is brought to school it must be switched off between 9.00 and 3.15. Children are currently being consulted about a set of rules. We have agreed a ‘sliding scale’ of sanctions. Staff working in the playground will be responsible for issuing these sanctions. They will also keep a weekly record. 1.        Verbal caution/warning2.       Being given a yellow card3.       Up to ten minutes time out 4.       Phone call to parentsTherefore if a child breaks the agreed rules once s/he will be given a verbal warning; twice s/he will have a yellow card; three times s/he will have up to ten minutes time out; four times will mean s/he will telephone parents during the school day! The children are convinced that this four-step set of sanctions will help children to manage their behaviour in the playground.Any more serious breaches of school discipline will of course continue to be dealt with appropriately by Mrs Pert, Mrs McPhee and Mrs Stewart.  Possible school closures and amalgamationsWe have received the following advice for parents of children who have already enrolled for nursery and primary 1.“If you have a child who has already been enrolled in a nursery or primary one class in schools which are not included by the proposed school closures, the only change will be that you will not receive a final formal offer of a place in the nursery or school of your choice until the beginning the MayLoirston School is not included in the proposed school closures. 

Loirston Connect

Please have a look at our blog/ website at http://loirstonconnect.edublogs.org/  Here you will find copies of all paper communications that go home , holiday dates, contact details and schools closure information. The site also contains links to the French homework blog, the monthly Radio Broadcast blog, Pupil council blog and some blogs/websites for individual classes.  We would welcome any feedback and hope to contact you, at a later date, in the hope that some parents may elect to use this electronic form of communication instead of receiving paper copies. Parental Involvement Act This took effect from August 2007 with the aim of

  • helping parents become more involved with their child’s education and learning
  • introducing a new system of Parent Forums/Parent Councils to replace School Boards

To help achieve these aims, all parents will now automatically be members of the Parent Forum at their child’s school. A Parent Council will need to be created and to help with this we have been advised to set up a working group. To that end on Thursday 17th April at 1.30 an open meeting for parents interested in finding out more or becoming part of the working group as well as members of the PTA has been arranged. Please complete the attached slip for (‘catering’ purposes!) and return it as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you then. ********************************************************************************­­­­­­­­­­­­Parent Council Open EventI will attend the meeting on Thursday 17th April at 1.30 Name: Child’s name/class

World Book Day

Dear Parents, Your child has been given a book club leaflet.  If after looking at it and discussing it with them, you decide you would like to purchase a book(s), then complete the order on the back of the leaflet. 

This year World Book Day falls on Thursday 6th March.  Every school child receives a free £1 World Book Day Token to spend on a book or audio book of their choice.  The Book Tokens are enclosed with this letter and can be used with this Book Club or at participating bookshops until 25th March provided your order amounts to £2.99 or more.

 Please remember to include name and class.  Send the order with the correct money or cheque (payable to Loirston Primary School) IN A SEALED ENVELOPE to school by the morning of Friday 7th March. The order will be collated by school and books given to children following delivery of the order by Scholastic.  There is no obligation to buy. Yours sincerely, P. PERT Depute Head Teacher

Spring Disco



           on Tuesday 26th February 2008





PLUS TUCK SHOP                        


School Meals Price Increase

 Your Ref.Our Ref.ContactEmailDirect DialDirect Fax  DR/Derek Rossderekr@aberdeencity.gov.uk01224 52264501224 523902



Dear Parent

 Primary School Meals 

I am writing to inform you that with effect from Tuesday 1 April the price of a meal will increase to £1.70. This has been agreed by Aberdeen City Council within its 2008/09 Budget.  There has been no increase in the price of a school meal since April 2006.


Pre-purchased ‘pink’ tickets will be accepted along with an additional 15p per ticket, paid to the school kitchen, up until Friday 2 May 2008.


Aberdeen City Council have implemented recommendations contained within the Scottish Executive Guidelines ‘Hungry for Success’ and is committed to encouraging healthy eating.  I trust that you are finding the copies of school menus that are sent home informative and useful to encourage your children to eat a balanced diet over the week.


It is important to Aberdeen City Council that the School Meals Catering Service satisfies your requirements.  I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that could lead to improvements within the service.


The School Meals Catering Service would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward in the forthcoming year to providing our services to you.


Yours sincerely


Derek Ross

 Derek Ross

Facilities Manager

Cycling Proficiency for P6 Pupils

 Loirston Primary School                                                                       8th February 2008Loirston AvenueCove BayABERDEENTel:  897686 Dear Parents, Next term we hope to start the cycling proficiency class for pupils in Primary 6. For parents of P6 pupils, please complete the first bulleted point on the reply slip. Parent helpers will be essentialRegrettably, if we have insufficient volunteers we will be unable to go ahead with the training. The classes will be held during the summer term at times to suit the helpers and with minimum disruption to the timetables of Primary 6 classes. Please be assured that no experience is necessary.   Training will be given by a member of Grampian Police Accident Prevention Department.  Please complete the second bulleted point. We intend to check bicycles for roadworthiness on return to school after the Easter break, so please will parents of Primary 6 children ensure that both brakes work and that your child can operate them, that tyres have no bald patches and are pumped up, and that the chain is oiled.  There should be a rear reflector. If you can offer any help please fill in the slip below and return it to school by Friday 15th February 2008. Thank you. Yours sincerely,M. S. MCPHEEDepute Head Teacher.——————————————————————————————————————·          My child will / will not participate in cycling proficiency during Term 4. (DELETE AS REQUIRED) 

  • I am willing to help at the cycling proficiency classes and the following times suit me.


Please tick a.m. p.m.

     Signed ________________________________________ Child’s Name ____________________________________    Class__________________ Tel. No. _____________________________

School Photographer

22nd January 2008  Dear Parent, 

School Photographer

 The school photographer will be in school on Tuesday 5th February.  This year individual and/or family group photographs will be taken. The organisation of this day is a fairly major undertaking and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated in returning the attached slip by Thursday 31st January.  The returning of this slip will allow us to timetable the taking of the photographs.  We want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible with minimal disruption to learning.  Please try to return the slip by Thursday. The collation and organisation of the returned slips will be done, and approximate times given to those who wish pre-school children included.  Please help us by returning this slip by 31st January. It should be noted that family groups refer to children and DO NOT INCLUDE parents/adults. This letter is issued to the oldest child in each family.  Only one form should be filled in for each family. Thank you for your co-operation and I look forward to seeing the finished products.  Yours sincerely, M. S. MCPHEE Depute Head Teacher             Names of Pupil(s)               Class(es)                  N.B.    if Nursery please state                                                                                                a.m. or p.m. ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________ ____________________   __________   Please tick 1 of the following:- 

 Individual photographs only  
Family group only (no) pre school children)  
 Family group only (with pre school children)  
 Individual and family group (no pre school children)  
 Individual and family group (with pre school children)  

  N.B.    Family groups with a pre-school child (i.e. a child not at Loirston Nursery or primary school) will be taken in the morning therefore it will be necessary for afternoon nursery children to be brought in the morning if they are to be taken as part of a family group.  This must be returned by Thursday 31st January so that arrangements canbe made and a time returned to you for family groups on Tuesday 5thFebruary. Thank you for your co-operation.