Anti-Bullying Leaflet Letter

Dear Parents,

Today in school, your child has been given a copy of an anti-bullying leaflet produced in school following a competition held in the last school session. The creators of the leaflet design are credited on the back page.

This leaflet is being issued at the end of the 2007 anti-bullying week and appreciative thanks go to Mrs. Liz Henley and Mrs. Maria MacCallum for all their hard work in co-ordinating activities during the week.

Yours sincerely,


Head Teacher

Christmas Post Boxes

Dear Parents and Pupils,

As in previous years, pupils may bring Christmas cards to school for delivery to other pupils in school only. This service will commence on
Monday 10th December 2007
The addressed card should have the name

CHRISTIAN and SURNAME and CLASS written on it.

A post box will be sited in each unit and pupils should use their own unit post box.

I write also to remind you of the party dates in the run up to the Christmas break.

p.m. on 12th December – P3 & P4

p.m. on 14th December – P1 & P2

a.m. & p.m. on 17th December – Nurseries

p.m. on 19th December – P5-7 (Disco)

As we have to follow Health & Safety regulations, food will be provided by school. Children may wear party clothes if they wish.

Yours sincerely,


Depute Head Teacher

Shoebox Appeal

Dear Parents,

Last Christmas, we received overwhelming support from parents, pupils and the Cove community for our Shoebox Appeal.  The delight of the many children who had been victims of war was highlighted in the photographs and video given to school.

Loirston School is again keen to support the charity, Kids Acting for Kids Abroad and Home (KAFKAH).  This year’s shoeboxes will enrich the children of Bosnia whose lives have been disrupted by war.  The concept is simple. There are two ways that you can donate to the appeal.  The first is to pack your own shoebox.  The second is simply to provide donations which will be packed by our pupils or KAFKAH.  The charity advises us that they are particularly short of items for teenagers, so please keep this in mind when packing your shoebox.  Could I ask that all shoeboxes be wrapped at home.  This would help us considerably. 

Donations can take the form of pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, notepads, colouring items, games, tapes and especially toiletries, jewellery, hair/nail stuff, new underwear, socks, hats, gloves, toys, small cuddly toys, sweets and good clothes that your child has grown out of.  In fact, anything that can fit in a shoebox.

KAFKAH does ask that NO food, chocolate or books in English are donated.  It would also be helpful if a donation of £2.00 be given towards the charity’s transportation costs if you can.

Start your search at home.  We also need as many ready wrapped shoeboxes as possible.

If you are available to assist children pack shoeboxes, please complete the tear-off slip and return by 30th November.

Thank you for your support.


Class Teacher


Please return to your child’s class teacher by 30th November 2007

·        I am available to help wrap and sort for the Shoebox Appeal

Name______________________________   Tel.No_______________________

·        Best Time

Monday a.m. / p.m., Tuesday a.m. / p.m., Wednesday a.m. / p.m.,

       Thursday a.m. / p.m., Friday a.m. / p.m.

Please circle the best time for you to help

Christmas Fayre

Loirston School Association Annual Christmas Fayre

In the School Hall    and                                                                                  In the Community Lounge

Toy stall                                                                                                                       Charleston Netball – Fundraising

Bottle Stall                                                                                                                    Pebbles Playgroup – Fundraising

Books/CDs/Videos Stall                                                                                               J.J. Gifts – Unusual/Special Gifts

Santa’s Grotto with Photo                                                                                             Ruth’s Cards & Crafty Creations           

Chocolate Fountains                                                                                                    
Phoenix Cards

Lucky Dips                                                                                                                   Aromabears

Loirston Pocket Money

P6 Card Stall

Face Painting                                                                                                               


Beat the Goalie (With Mr. Anderson                                                                                                                                                                            



School Book Fayre + Jo Jingles!!


Still only £1 entry fee including tea/coffee/juice and a roll, 50p for children

Plus much, much more for all the family!