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HMIe Follow Up Report


HMIE Follow-Up
Parent’s Summary
HMI (2P) 



Nursery children’s progress in key aspects of the curriculum The relationships between staff and children across the school and nursery The support given to pupils within the additional support needs base The innovative use of the school’s website to communicate with parents and develop homework activities 



1. Develop the leadership across the school and ensure effective teamworking at all levels                2. Review and develop curricular programmes to enrich pupils’ learning, ensure progression and raise attainment 

3. Develop effective planning which enables teachers to better meet the needs of all pupils     

4. Introduce effective self evaluation to improve the quality of learning and teaching across the school   

5. Develop a shared vision for the school which supports and improves all aspects of school practice

1. Review and revise arrangements for meetings with all members of school staffReview roles and remits of Senior Management TeamEstablish working parties to take forward a range of in depth reviews of the work of the school, These working parties will have to have clearly defined roles remits. Each will have representation from teachers in early, first and second levels and where appropriate relevant support staff.Explore, and develop personal leadership capacity and people management skills particularly in building and sustaining relationships.Review arrangements for working with Pupil Council.Consult with all staff and pupilsReview arrangements for working PTA and with new Parent CouncilBegin process of establishing Parent Council. Arrange meeting with Parent Forum, establish working group to agree a constitution. Launch Parent CouncilFamiliarisation with Leadership for Learning publication 2. and 3. Develop a policy a teaching and learning policyEstablish working group with clear remit to create a progressive and coherent curricular programme in English Language supported by revised planning formats specifically for pupils with Additional Support NeedsEstablish working groups with clear remit to create a progressive and coherent curricular programme in English Language, Mathematics, Health and Well Being and Technologies supported by revised planning formats 

4. Develop a policy a Quality Assurance and Improvement Policy  Introduce self-evaluation strategies and proceduresStaff familiarisation with HGIOS3 and CATC2Introduce CPD Pathways online. 

5. Develop, agree and share a vision for the schoolReview school aims. Agree and create revised aims

Football Trials

Dear Parents,




Trials will be held for the new school team on Tuesday 20th May 2008 at 6.00 p.m. until 7.30 p.m. on Loirston School pitch.


This is open to any Primary 5 or Primary 6 pupil wishing to attend.


Yours sincerely,



Healthy Eating Tuckshop

Dear Parents,


Our new ‘Healthy Tuckshop’ has been a fantastic success.  Our first week’s sales came to a fantastic £230.  Thank you very much for supporting our tuckshop.


Would you be interested in helping continue the success?  We need parent helpers to purchase stock and help with the preparation of the fruit bags.  Just fill in the slip and return to the school if you have some spare time.


We hope to include the P1/P2 classes shortly, so look out for a letter soon.


Please note some price changes to the tuck shop:-


Apple and Orange Juice      30p

Water                                      40p

Sunbites                                 30p

Snack-a-Jacks                      35p

Fruit Flakes                            40p

Grape Bags (Mon & Wed)   35p

Pineapple Bags (Tues)        35p

Carrot & Dip (Thurs) 35p

                                      Cheese Strings (Fri)                See price list in class


Please contact me about helping with the Healthy Eating Tuckshop.


Yours sincerely,



Health Co-ordinator




Please contact me about helping with the Healthy Eating Tuckshop.


Name _________________________________Phone No. ____________


Child’s Name_______________________________ Class______________eH

P5 Blog

 Loirston Primary24/04/07Dear Parents of Primary 5We have been working on a blog which will be available at the blog address below.http://loirstonp5.edublogs.org  The main purpose of a blog is to give the children a wider audience for their work and to allow the audience to leave feedback in the form of comments. It also gives parents the opportunity to view their children’s work.The blog will allow parents to view photographs of work and activities that the children are involved in and will be updated regularly.While we will be bearing in mind the importance of Internet Safety, we will post photographs and videos of children undertaking activities.  Please let me know if you do not wish your child to appear in any photographs on the new blog.                                                                           Miss Mutch and Mrs Nelson

April 2008 Newsletter

Loirston School Newsletter                                April 2008


School will be closed to pupils on Monday April 21st, Monday 5th May and Friday 16th May. Appointment times are being sent home today. If you want an appointment and have forgotten to return the slip please do so as soon as possible. Please return Parent Response sheet from your child’s report if you have not yet done so.

Don’t forget to check for information about the school on the school blog  loirstonconnect.edublogs.org Playground Rules and SanctionsFurther to information sent home in March Newsletter the following rules for playground behaviour have been agreed by pupils and staff 

  • We will always be kind and considerate to everybody in the playground
  • We will look after the playground, make sure it is always a nice place to be in and put litter in the litter bins
  • Even if we are doing something exciting and important, we will stop and listen to any instruction a member of staff may give us. We will show respect to the staff working in the playground
  • We will not bully other children and we will tell an adult if we see it happening
  • We will play together and let other children join in with our games
  • We will not fight or swear
  • We will behave sensibly in the quiet areas
  • We will share toys and games

 These rules will be followed up using the following 4 step set of sanctions

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Yellow card
    3. 5 minutes time out
    4. Child will phones parents to let them know they have broken the rules

 Mrs. Watt, school cook, asks that you be reminded of this – A letter was sent in February from the Facilities Manager for Primary Schools.  It informed parents of an increase in the price of a school dinner but that ‘pink’ tickets would be accepted until Friday 2nd May with an additional 15p per ticket.