Book Fair


Dear Parents,


A BOOK FAIR will be held in the YELLOW UNIT resource area from Thursday 27th November to Monday 1st December 2008.


The Book Fair will provide an opportunity for you and your child to select books from a wide range on show. You are invited to visit the book fair over the three days between 9.30 and 12.00 and 1.45 and 3.15. 


Your child will be timetabled to view the books with their own class and you may wish to visit at this time.  A timetable is in preparation.


The Book Fair will also be open from 10.30 a.m. until 11.30 a.m. on Saturday 29th November during the school Christmas Fayre.


At these events there is always a need for parent helper support.  If you can spare some time to help, please complete and return the form below by Friday 9th November.


As always your support is greatly appreciated.


Yours sincerely,




Depute Head Teacher





Name ___________________________________________would like to help at the Book Fair



Telephone No._______________Name & Class of Eldest Child__________________________________




I am available



Thursday 27th Nov.                              9.30-10.30_____                  11.00-12.00_____ 1.45-3.15_____



Friday 28th Nov.                                   9.30-10.30_____                   11.00-12.00_____ 1.45-3.15_____



Monday 1st Dec.                                   9.30-10.30_____                   11.00-12.00_____ 1.45-3.15_____




Dear Parents,


The Breast Cancer Campaign


Thank you so much to all those who contributed towards our “Pink Day”.  We raised £630.29 for The Breast Cancer Campaign which is just fantastic.  One of the best aspects of the day was seeing the children dressed in bright colours rather than their usual grey.


Christmas Cards


We would like to try something a little bit different this year.  Staff have raised a couple of concerns about the “Post Box”.  The distribution of cards takes up a lot of learning and teaching time and some children miss out on getting cards.  Our suggestion is for one card to the whole class with a donation to a charity identified by the school. This would help give the pupils an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.  The children can of course still give cards to their chosen friends outwith school.


We will be in touch later in the term to let you know of the arrangements.


Head Teacher Appointment


I have been advised by Aberdeen City Council that the Head Teacher post at Loirston is being readvertised.  The new closing date is 17th November 2008.


Patrol Officers


As you know, Mrs Walker, our school crossing patrol officer is off sick following an accident.  Unfortunately Mr Stewart the crossing patrol officer who assists the children crossing on Earns Heugh Avenue is also unwell and will be off for a period of time.


Please talk to your children about taking care when crossing and we will reinforce the message in school.  We wish them both a speedy recovery.


Yours sincerely,


L. McIntosh


Head Teacher

Parent Council Minutes October 2008




Present: Karen Paterson, Cath McLeish, Angie Balloch, Michelle Monks, Hazel Scott, Hazel Rose, Pam Chapla, Lesley Hill, Elaine Webster, Tracy Leach, Lorraine Young, Alison Bartlett, Val Burnett, Shona Greig, Sharon Toseland, Shonagh  Neave, Sarah Boyne, Alistair Gilmore, Yvonne Porteous, Tracy Robinson. Teachers: Mrs McIntosh, Mrs McPhee, Mrs Pert


Apologies: Michaela Towler, Fiona Watt, Karyn Webster, Irene Weir, Scott Shearer, Lynn Meldrum


Welcome & Thanks


Thank you to everyone who attended the 1st meeting of Loirston Parent Council. It was a great turnout!

A big thanks to our out going committee members for all your hard work; Karen, Cath, Elaine & especially Yvonne who gave 10 years to keeping us financially up to date! And welcome in our new committee;

                        Chair:   Karen Paterson

                        Vice Chair: Val Burnett

                        Secretary: Cath McLeish

                        Treasurer: Scott Shearer


The Parent Council Constitution


In the present constitution, the maximum number of parents of children attending the school being members of the Council is 20. Due to the large numbers attending our first meeting it is therefore proposed to increase this number to 30. Any member of the Parent Forum who has any objection to this, is welcome to put forward these objections to any Council member by the next meeting. The rest of the constitution was approved by the Council.


Future Events


The next school disco is on Tuesday 28th October. Volunteers are still need to help at both discos. If you haven’t put your name forward and would like to help, please contact Karen.


The Christmas Fayre is approaching fast, and a working group was set up (you know who you are!), but nearer the time as many volunteers as possible are needed, so leave Saturday 29th November (& 28th for setting up) free in your diary.


Training Dates


Anyone interested in going on a training course to help the Parent Council run smoothly? It is on Thursday 30th October, 7.30 – 9.30 pm at Summerhill house and it’s free! Anyone interested let Karen know.


Date of Next Meeting 


Tuesday 11th November, 7 pm.

Friends of Doonies Ceilidh

Friends of Doonies Ceilidh at Altens Community Centre on 8 November 2008 – 7.30 p.m. – 12 midnight

Dancing to Eddie Edmunds Band

Stovies, Tea, Coffee, Shortbread, Raffles – Bring your own bottle.

Tickets £15 each

tel 01224891755 or Fiona Watt x4805.  Proceeds to Doonies Farm, Scottish Charity No SC341685








School Association AGM





The A.G.M. of the Loirston School Association is being held at 7.30 p.m. tonight – Tuesday 7th October.


During this meeting the Loirston School Association will become the new Parent Council.


There will be wine and nibbles offered, so please come along to support your school.