Loirston School Bulletin January 2010

Dear Parents/Carers
Welcome BackI would like to extend a warm welcome back to all and hope that you had a lovely festive season. I hope the large amount of snow around did not cause too much upset. Again all at Loirston are looking forward to another busy term.

Fundraising Events last termWe would like extend our thanks to all who attended the nativity last session and we hope you enjoyed the children’s performance. We raised £237.42 for our chosen charity which was CHAS. (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) We would also like to thank all who came along to our Christmas Fayre, as £3537.84 was raised and this money has been used already to buy an entirely new reading scheme for primary one to three. Many thanks to the Parent Council for all their help.

Staffing changes
There has been a very small change to staffing in that I have been appointed as the permanent Head Teacher at Loirston School. I look forward to continuing to work alongside all associated with the school and community in Cove.

Dates for your diary
Monday 15th February – Mid Term
Tuesday 16th February – I.S Day
Wednesday 17th February – I.S. Day
(School is closed to pupils on these three days)

Haiti Earthquake Disaster
You will be aware of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Primary 5a are organising an event to raise money to send a Shelter Box to a family who have lost their home. On Monday 25th January 2010 they would ask that your child be allowed to wear red and/or blue clothes to school as these colours reflect the national flag of Haiti. They would also ask that you contribute a £1 towards the cost of buying the shelter box. Your donations will be very much appreciated. More information on the campaign can be found at http://shelterbox.org

HMIE Return Visit
HMI will be returning to the school for two days next week, the 28th and 29th of January in order to ascertain the progress the school has taken since their visit in June last year. Again, we are confident that they will see that the school has and continues to move forward.

Guided Reading and Active Literacy
The Primary One classes have been piloting a new active literacy scheme this session and plans are in place to invite parents into school next month to explain how it works in more detail. I will let you know as soon as a firm date has been set.
Also this term we are implementing our new guided reading scheme with Primary One, Two and Three. This has already started to happen in a number of classes. Again we will be inviting you in next month in order to let you know more about the scheme and how it works.

Behaviour Policy
Last term staff reviewed our Behaviour Policy. At the start of this term we discussed this with the children and would also like to give you information with regard to this. The policy will be placed on our blog next week for you to have a look at and comment on if you wish to do so.
See – loirstonconnect.edublogs.org Homework As with the behaviour policy we are also currently reviewing our Homework activities and policy. When we have completed this work it will also be shared on the Blog for you to view and comment upon.

P7 pupils visit to Kincorth
This term will see our Primary Seven pupils begin the process of their transition to Kincorth Academy. On Tuesday afternoons groups of pupils will be attending Kincorth Academy in order to take part in Science lessons. I am sure it will be a super learning experience for all.

Class Topics
As I previously mentioned this term is a very busy term with lots of valuable learning experiences being planned for.
Primary one parents may have heard some strange news around a dragon who has appeared in school (I can assure you this is not the new Head Teacher!) This term they are carrying out a super imaginative project that centres around a dragon and Fairyland.
Primary two and two/three are going to be carrying out a topic around the Circus coming to Town.
Primary three are transforming their classroom into something out of Egypt. Primary 3-4 and 4 have already been working very hard this term and have organised a Burns event, featuring Scottish country dancing, poetry and Scottish food. Primary five will be learning all about the science of the weather.
Primary six will be learning all about Europe and Primary six seven and seven will be completing a very interesting project learning all about World War 2.

Mobile Phones
A small appeal from the office staff. Can all parents who got new phones and numbers at Christmas please let the office know their new contact details.

Future Bulletins
In order to become a more eco friendly school we will now only be issuing paper copies to those who specifically request one. Bulletins can be read on the blog. Bulletins will be available on the last week of each month.

See – loirstonconnect.edublogs.org
If you wish to receive a paper copy please complete the tear – off slip on the paper copy sent home and return it to school.

Loirston School Choir

Westhill Rotary Club – Charity Concert in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, Sunday 7th March 2010 at 3.00 pm.

If your child is in the school choir you will have already received a letter informing you of this event and instructions on how to book tickets.

If you do not already have tickets but would like to buy some, members of the Rotary will be present at Loirston School on Thursday 14th January at 10.30 am. You can call in yourself at this time or send the payment along with your child stating clearly which and how many tickets you would like. (Cheques should be made payable to “Westhill Rotary Club”)

Ticket Prices (slightly cheaper than Aberdeen Box Office)

Balcony £10 (concession £8)
Centre Stalls & Back Balcony £10 (concession £7)
Side & Back Stalls £5 (no concession)

Scholastic Book Club


Your child will have taken home a Scholastic Book Club Brochure.

If you wish to place an order, please complete the back page of the brochure and send it along to school with the correct amount of money in an envelope.

Please remember, if you are paying by cheque it should be made out to Loirston School.

Orders should be returned to school by Friday 22nd January.

Nursery & Primary 1 Enrolment 2010-2011

Nursery Admissions

The Nursery Admissions process for 2010/11 is being adjusted to enable the authority to allocate pre-school places centrally.

Parents will continue to apply directly to the school of their choice. An advert should appear soon in the local press advertising enrolment. Enrolment takes place between Monday 18th January and Friday 12th February. If your child is attending nursery for another year (including deferred entry) then you must fill in an application form – even if your child has already attended a session at nursery, or is one of the children who does not start their session until after April. Birth Certificates must shown again as evidence of the child’s age.

All application forms, including deferred entry requests will then be forwarded to the Early Years Team at Silverburn Lodge.

Once allocations have been made Head Teachers will be issued with lists of eligible children to enable schools to plan class compositions in the normal way. Schools will be issued with individually prepared letters to issue to parents. Parents will confirm their acceptance of a place to the Early Years Team.

For those parents who are unsure about whether to defer their child a meeting will be held to give you more information – date to be confirmed yet.

Primary One Enrolment

Children who reach the age of 5 years on or before 17 August 2010 should begin to attend primary school in August 2010. Parents of children who reach the age of 5 years after 17 August 2010 but on or before 28 February 2011 should be aware that they may choose not to enrol their children until August 2011.

Children with January or February birthdays will be guaranteed a nursery place in their deferred year.

Children with August to December birthdays are only granted nursery places where there is a sound educational reason for deferral. Requests will be considered by a panel in February.

Parents should seek advice from staff at their nursery if they are considering deferred entry.

Parents should visit the primary school of their choice during the week 11 January to 15 January 2010 to enrol their children. You should take a copy of your child’s birth certificate with you.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school office.

Pupil Safety at Loirston

We are aware that there is concern amongst some parents regarding a “Stranger Danger” incident at the school this week. We would like to put your minds at rest. It was fully investigated by ourselves and the police and that on this occasion it was found to be a misunderstanding and there are absolutely no grounds for concern with regard to this incident. 

We would commend the pupils involved that they acted absolutely correctly and reported their concern to us immediately. At the school we will continue to raise awareness about the importance of how to keep safe especially as we move into the darker evenings. We would welcome your support in continuing to encourage the messages about safe behaviour.

If you have any concerns please get in touch with the school.

School Xmas Lunch

This year we will be having our ‘Christmas Lunch’
Thursday 10th December 2009

The price is £1.70 or a dinner ticket
I hope you will be able to come


Roast Turkey
Chipolata Sausages & Oatmeal Stuffing
Baked Potato & Cheese

Creamed or Croquette Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts or Carrots or Peas

Christmas Pudding & Cream or Christmas Ice Cream

Best wishes for the festive season to you all from
Cook and all the school meals staff

Please complete the attached slip and return it to the school kitchen
By Friday 4th December 2009

School Christmas Lunch

Pupil Name ______________________________ Class_____________

will attend for the Christmas Lunch